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- Hey everyone, my name is Tyler
and it is the --
- 36th.
- (laughs) How'd you say?
Video of the year.
So while I've been traveling all around the UK
and all around Europe, I have been
meeting up with so many fun people.
You guys saw me meet up with Jack and Finn,
and then you saw me do a video with Elfie.
And now, I am with the fabulous Marcus, say hello.
- Hello.
- How can people find you?
- By searching Marcus Butler.
- Marcus Butler TV.
So what are we gonna do today?
- We are going to be doing the Chubby Bunny Challenge.
- The Chubby Bunny Challenge,
and if you don't know what that is,
explain to them what the Chubby Bunny Challenge is, Marcus.
- Well, we've got some marshmallows,
and the idea is to put as many in your mouth as you can
and say, "Chubby Bunny" after each one.
- I think I can do this.
- [Marcus] Yeah? - Do you have a gag reflex?
- A what?
I've got a really small mouth.
- Do you?
- Yeah.
- How small?
- Very.
(both laugh)
- Do you want me to go first, or do you get it?
- I'll go first. (laughs)
Okay, chubby bunny.
- Okay.
- This is already taking up a lot of my mouth.
- Chubby bunny
(laughs) You look funny already.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- Look at you, you're a little pro.
- I know, just stickin' em right in.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- Fuck.
Chubby bunny.
I'm fine, I'm good.
This is like normal for me, this is like a Saturday night.
- Chubby bunny.
There's the gag reflex.
- Chubby bunny.
I'm like dying.
This is really delicious, though.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
- You are beautiful.
Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
(mumbles) your mouth is huge (unintelligible).
- Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
My mouth hurts.
- Um hum. Um hum.
Chubby bunny.
- Chubby bunny.
I'm (unintelligible) right now.
- Chubby bunny.
(both laughing)
I lost. (laughing)
Oh no, that was so close.
These were really good.
But you have to do one more than me, and then you'll win.
That's just delicious.
Can you do it? (laughing hysterical)
- Chubby bunny.
- Okay, this bitch.
- (unintelligible)
- What's he saying? That is delicious.
- Hmm?
- You cannot. No.
- Chubby bunny.
- Wow.
This is disgusting.
Oh, you just had like,
like dripping, right down your chin,
on your neck, just normal.
I'm literally crying.
But that was great!
- Even though I'm actually crying.
This has been emotional.
- This has been a lot.
I just saw you take so much in your mouth, just now.
I feel like we've reached a new level of our friendship.
- Your hand looks really nice.
- Thank you.
Can you see that? It's beautiful.
Well, congratulations.
- Thank you, I would shake your hand, but--
- Well, you know.
Since we just did this challenge on my channel,
we thought we should probably do another challenge.
So we are doing the Saltine Cracker Challenge.
But it's updated.
There's going to be marshmallow fluff on it
to make it extra hard,
and we have to try to eat as much as we can
in like, a minute, or something.
- [Marcus] With no hands. - With no hands.
So, if you want to see that, click anywhere right here,
click his face, click my face,
and it'll take you to his channel,
and you can watch that.
So that is all I have for you guys this week.
I will see you guys next week,
but in the meantime, go check out his channel
and watch that video of us struggling with saltine crackers.
'Cause it's gonna be bad.
Okay, bye. - [Marcus] Bye.
- [Tyler] Do you have a gag reflex?
- [Marcus] A what?
- [Tyler] A gag reflex, like if you, like,
put your finger down your throat, would you puke?
- [Marcus] I'd go (gagging sound).
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The Chubby Bunny Challenge (ft. Marcus Butler) | Tyler Oakley

4331 Folder Collection
Sharon Lai published on March 30, 2015
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