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  • It's Day 14,

  • and I'm happy you've decided to stick around.

  • Stay with me for six more days,

  • and you'll learn a half dozen more phrasal verbs.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • When friends are in trouble,

  • do you stick around to help

  • or find excuses not to?

  • Let's review the definition of our new phrasal verb

  • and two old ones as well.

  • "Let in on" - do you remember what that means?

  • "Sink in."

  • "Stick around."

  • Do you remember the forms?

  • So its transitive

  • and takes two objects.

  • These both are intransitive.

  • They don't have objects.

  • All right. Now let's put these three phrasal verbs into use.

  • I'll give you a moment to complete the text.

  • Answer:

It's Day 14,

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