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  • It's Day 18.

  • I hope your studies are going all right.

  • I think you have to learn how much time is effective for you.

  • Studying for one or two hours sounds impressive,

  • but truthfully, you might start to doze off after the first thirty minutes.

  • That's why I suggest that you take 5-10 minutes a day.

  • I know you can stay awake and focused for that long.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • Now because it's intransitive,

  • can you identify the stress pattern?

  • We stress the particle.

  • Listen again.

  • It's the same pattern you've heard with other intransitive phrasal verbs.

  • For example,

  • Did you ever doze off in the middle of a class or a meeting?

  • Did anyone notice?

  • In this review, we'll go over some of the previous phrasal verbs

  • as we talk about informal and formal English.

  • Did you know that the use of phrasal verbs generally creates informal speech?

  • These sentences sound conversational.

  • More formal equivalents would be...

  • Often those more formal equivalents are one-word verbs,

  • but not always.

  • Let's first read the text together.

  • Look back to the first line.

  • "Successfully complete a project" - how else could we say that?

  • Look down further.

  • "Spend time improving something"

  • What could we use?

  • In the next paragraph...

  • "Falling asleep on the job"

  • We can say..."dozing off."

  • And finally, toward the end...

  • "Review"

  • "Look closely at"

  • We could say..."go over."

  • With the use of phrasal verbs in the text,

  • it's beginning to sound more conversational.

  • Less formal.

  • But if we really want to make it more informal,

  • we should make a few other changes.

  • Let's use contractions and more everyday vocabulary.

  • We have a chance to use a contraction.

  • Let's change "must" to something more conversational.

  • At the end of the first paragraph, we have the phrase "in this manner."

  • Further, we have "risk losing."

  • And finally, "address errors."

  • Take a moment to look at all the changes we made.

  • We went from more formal to less formal.

It's Day 18.

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Phrasal verb: doze off - Day 18 with JenniferESL

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