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  • Hello. It's Day 11.

  • Let's get started.

  • Do you use a dictionary in your English studies?

  • What kind?

  • A learner's dictionary can help

  • by offering not just definitions,

  • but also usage notes.

  • What's another good resource?

  • People.

  • Other people who speak English.

  • So ask around the next time you don't know

  • what a phrasal verb means

  • or you aren't sure how to use it.

  • What does "ask around" mean?

  • People ask around

  • when they want to find a good place to eat.

  • What else do people ask others about?

  • Let's review two old phrasal verbs and our new one.

  • We'll use flashcards again.

  • "Brush up on"

  • - what's the definition?

  • How about "try out"?

  • And our new one, "ask around"?

  • Do you remember how to use these verbs?

  • "Brush up on (something)" is transitive.

  • It cannot be separated by the object.

  • "Try (something) out" is also transitive.

  • And it can be separated by the object.

  • And finally "ask around."

  • It's intransitive, no object.

  • Now I'm going to ask you

  • to use these three phrasal verbs in a short text.

  • I'll give you a moment to complete it.

Hello. It's Day 11.

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