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  • It's Day 9.

  • How are you doing?

  • You know, if somebody suggests studying together,

  • please don't turn the offer down.

  • It's very helpful to practice English with another person.

  • What does this phrasal verb mean?

  • If the object is a pronoun,

  • remember there must be separation.

  • If the object is long,

  • it's best placed after the article.

  • Let me show you one more example.

  • Is the structure the same?

  • Yes.

  • But is the meaning the same?

  • No.

  • Here in this sentence

  • I'm using the phrasal verb with a different meaning.

  • It's just a second definition.

  • Take a moment to review both.

  • Have you ever turned down an offer

  • only to regret it later?

  • Let's review through a multiple choice quiz.

  • Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete each statement.

It's Day 9.

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Phrasal verb: turn down - Day 9 with JenniferESL

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    Sam posted on 2015/03/28
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