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silence shared in words
I Don't Ask You to Agree With Me
One sannyasin has asked me:
Cannot we disagree with you?
Cannot we criticize you?
A significant question for everyone.
This is not a
debating club.
Neither your agreement is needed,
nor your disagreement.
What is needed
is your right hearing.
If you hear rightly,
it will be decisive.
Agreement is just
a mind thing,
and disagreement is also the same.
Neither of them is going to help you.
What is going to help you is to experiment,
to experience,
but that comes only when you have heard me.
The greatest difficulty is
to hear rightly,
to hear silently.
If you are thinking to agree or disagree,
you cannot hear me. Your prejudices are there
functioning as a curtain,
they will distort everything.
I don't ask you to agree with me,
and I don't ask you to disagree with me.
Our whole approach is beyond the mind.
You have to learn how to listen,
how to be silent
and let your silence decide.
Let your no-mind
And I know
that your no-mind will be in absolute synchronicity with what I am saying to you.
I will not use the word agreement
that word belongs to the mind
nor disagreement.
They are two polarities of the mind -- positive/negative,
theist/atheist, believer/nonbeliever.
I am trying to approach your no-mind,
where it is never a question of choice.
No-mind functions choicelessly.
Once I have approached the no-mind, if you have allowed me,
putting your prejudices aside,
you won't have to agree or disagree,
you will find an immense synchronicity.
You will be in absolute harmony with me.
And only that harmony can help your evolution.
What will you do with agreement?
Just a belief will be created,
and I am against all beliefs.
What will you do with your disagreement?
Your prejudice will remain,
and your prejudice is your problem.
You will remain
within the boundaries of your past
upbringing, your programming by the family,
by the school,
by the society,
by the church.
This is not an intellectual
this is a place for seekers.
It is a totally different phenomenon than you will come across anywhere else around the world.
Here, we are searching to find
a deep harmony.
If you can be harmonious with me
it is not agreement
you are one with me.
Agreement needs two.
If you can be harmonious with me,
I can transfer
that cannot be said.
And only that which cannot be said is going to help your growth
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OSHO is a registered Trademark of OSHO International Foundation
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OSHO: I Don't Ask You to Agree With Me

997 Folder Collection
hope published on March 23, 2015
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