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- Hey everyone, my name is Tyler Oakley
and I am here with the one and the only, the lovely
- Joseph Sugg
- Where can people find you on YouTube?
- You can find me on ThatcherJoe, just type that in.
- Go and subscribe, leave him nasty comments
cause he's the fucking worst.
Y'all know that I fucking love everything in British,
but then I'm over here and I'm like,
I don't fucking know anything y'all are talking about.
So Joe was like, "let's just have a little moment.
"I'm going to teach you everything."
So we thought why not share it with you guys as it happens?
I'm a little nervous.
- I'm going to show you the finest in British cuisine.
- I'm so "rettie."
- Rettie? I'm so ready.
- I am so "rettie."
- It's a "d", ready.
- [Tyler] Red D - That's it.
- I'm ready.
- But Tyler, I don't think we're ready.
- Well Joe, what should we do?
- Let's get changed together.
- OK.
- Oh, I look so good.
- So British.
- So "bri-ish"
- Try and roll your "r,' Brrr-itish"
- Brr-itish. (laughing)
Nailed it!
- First of all do you actually know
whereabouts in Britain we actually are right now?
- Oy vey, I literally have no clue.
- Where is Scotland?
- Scotland!
- Well, that's not even on the map.
- You pointed up here earlier, so over here.
- Yeah, I'll give you that. Where's Wales?
Think about it.
- Here?
No,(laughing) like I don't know.
- There? Yeah, well, we'll give you that.[Tyler]-Right? -It's there.
- Well, I meant, my hand slipped.
- Whereabouts is London?
- Yeah, we'll give you that. - [Tyler] Here it is.
- Yeah let's do one more, where's Cornwall?
- Wait, really?
- That's not Cornwall. - [Tyler] Right here?
- That's Ireland, the Republic of Ireland.
- That's what I meant, yeah, I was giving a little shout out
to the Irish people.
That's what I meant.
- OK, well you are pretty sure at that.
- Got it. You have such a spread over here.
- We've got a good spread, yeah, you're right.
Now this, this is the drink-- - [Tyler] It's big--
- Yeah, I know it's big,.
- This is the drink
traditionally found in Scottish highlands.
- We found it in a grocery store, give it to me.
- Yeah, can you actually pronounce what it's called?
- "Eern breer."
- That's actually not too bad.
- That was my Scottish impression.
- [Joseph] Irn Bru. - I-un-breh?
- Irn bru, bru.
- "bluh"
- [Joseph] Irn bru. - In my tea cup.
- Bottom's up! As one would say.
- That would mean something very different with my people.
- That's good, delicious, it's like orange soda.
- Is this diet?
- Oh no, it's not, I'm sorry.
- This drink is pretty much found everywhere in England.
This is very, very cheap and very, very strong.
It's like 9%. - [Tyler] Is it alcohol?
- [Joseph] Yeah. - Give it to me.
I feel like the classiest bitch.
- Right. (singing) ♫ We like to drink with Tyler
♫ 'cause Tyler is our mate
♫ and when we drink with Tyler
♫ what you get is start at eight,
♫ seven, six, five, Yay! ♫
- [Tyler] That's good. - How's that?
- I could literally drink the rest of that, I love beer.
- [Tyler] Is it beer? - The strongest beer ever.
It's like drinking cardboard. - [Tyler] Mmm.
- [Joseph] Scampi? - Scampi's shrimp
- Is it? II don't even know what it is.
- Right?
- That smells like the dirtiest ass hole.
- It looks like it, too.
- What kind of ass holes do you hang out with?
Three, two, one.
It's not bad. - [Joseph] No, it's not bad.
- It smells 10 times worse than it tastes.
- Yeah.
- Pork Scratchings
- It smells like dog food, and I've eaten dog food.
- [Joseph] Ah, look at that. - That's not Tyler-- no
No! (squealing)
- Careful you don't break your teeth as well.
I've broken my teeth before
- (loud belch) Bad beer. - Oh, Jesus.
- Three, two, one.
- Oh my god, no I don't like that one bit.
It's like I'm chewing sand.
Smell my fingers.
- Uh, Jesus.
- That's not the Pork Cracklings. (laughing)
- Have you had Digestive Biscuits before?
- What? (laughing) no.
- Ever had a Digestive?
- That sounds like a medication of some sort.
I'm ready for that.
- Tells me drunk buying this, doesn't it.
Shall we have a race, see who can eat it fastest?
- Oh, I'll fuck your shit up.
- Three, two, one, go.
- (mumbles) What in the world?
- (mumbles) It's so dry. It's so dry.
- What? Does it look gross?
- [Both] Rainbow Drops.
(laughing) Yum.
- Next up we've got Flumps. - [Tyler] Of course.
- Remember these? - [Tyler] No.
Oh, is this all?
- You got that in your throat hole?
- Ah, it's a bloody marshmallow.
- It's a bloody marshmallow.
(Joseph mumbling)
- I have no clue what you just said.
- How do you know I said anything?
(Tyler mumbling)
(repeated mumbled sentence)
- We've got Sherbet Dip Dabs.
- [Tyler] Hey. - You have sherbet in your--
- Sherbet, yeah.
- It's like cocaine for children.
(belch) Have some of that.
- No. (laughing) No!
- Marmite, ever try Marmite before?
- I don't think so.
No, you don't need that much.
- Yeah you do. - [Taylor] No you don't.
- 'Cause people always put not enough on and gah.
- You're, no, you're fucking with me.
You don't need that much.
- Yeah, you honestly do.
Three, two, one, eat.
- I think-- - See it's nice.
- No, no, no.
- With your fish and chips you always have mushy peas.
It smells like sewage.
- And you want me to eat it?
Count me down you fuck.
- Five, four, three, two, one, consume.
Good lad. Good lad.
- That's not bad. - [Joseph] See.
- That looks like fucking cat food.
- [Joseph] It's pate. - It's a par-tay with a pate.
That is cat food
and you're a fucking bitch. - [Tyler] It's pate.
- If it tastes like cat food
I'm going to shit down your throat.
- It's pate.
Five, four, three, two, one, consume.
(Joseph quacking)
- It just tastes like meat.
Is this cat food?
Is it cat food, what is it?
- What is it Alphie? - [Alphie] Cat food.
- Oh, you little fuck, I'm going to kill you Alphie.
Acutally, it's not bad with beer.
- Let's play a little game Tyler,
well you try and guess some iconic figures
in British history.
- [Tyler] OK. - Who's this?
- Prime Minister.
- Right, who's this Tyler?
- He's not gay is he? - [Joseph] Yeah.
- He looks like Tan Mom, do you guys have Tan Mom over here?
- Hannah Montana? - [Tyler] No,
That is the Queen and her husband.
- Who is this?
- That is definitely a gay person.
I can tell because of the gay...
OK, so that was a lovely time.
Thank you for teaching me all about your culture,
your people, and your food, and all your traditions.
If you liked this video, be sure to give it a thumbs-up.
Thank you for teaching me everything.
- It's been a pleasure Tyler.
- After you're done watching this video,
be sure to go on over to Joe's channel,
because he's putting up a video of us doing what, Joe?
- We did this thing called, oh it fucking stinks,
we did this thing called Inuendo Bingo on my channel
which is like a game we play where we take
our favorite YouTubers, like clips from their videos.
- Where they're unintentionally sexual,
and we try not to laugh because if we do we get soaking wet.
And you'll see how if you click his face
it will take you to the video, or the link is below
in the description, so you'll have to go check that out
because it is amazing.
Check it out, subscribe to him, like the video,
say that we sent you in the comments,
and I think I'm ready to go.
It's been real. Have a good life. Later.
- Now do this. - [Joseph] What?
Yeah, actually I would suggest it.
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HOW TO: BE BRITISH (ft. Joe Sugg) | Tyler Oakley

42301 Folder Collection
Sharon Lai published on March 21, 2015    brieven translated    Yvonne reviewed
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