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  • This episode of Life Noggin is brought to you by AJ plus

  • Hey there, welcome to Life Noggin

  • We're just about done with the winter in the northern hemisphere but until that

  • sweet warm spring weather arrives

  • We're stuck seeing our breath every time you exhale outside. Well what if I told

  • you that's not really your breath at all?

  • But before I go into that, let's talk about what actually is happening when

  • you breathe. When you inhale, your diaphragm in the muscles between your

  • ribs called the intercostal muscles

  • contract, which then expand your chest cavity. When this happens the pressure in

  • your chest cavity decreases past the outside air pressure

  • which causes the air from outside your body to flow into your lungs.

  • The air contains about 78 percent nitrogen 21 percent oxygen and 1 percent

  • argon

  • But when the air reaches the tiny air sacs in the lungs called the Alveoli,

  • some of that oxygen passes capillaries blood vessels

  • and eventually reaches the heart to reward us for providing the blood with

  • oxygen the capillaries give us their waste products like carbon dioxide

  • Talk about a bad deal, owh, when you're ready to exhale your diaphragm into a

  • Gluteus muscle relax,

  • which makes your chest cavity get smaller and causes the air to flow out

  • of your lung

  • and out of your mouth and nose. This exhaled air has a little less oxygen

  • than the inhaled air,

  • but also about 4 percent more carbon dioxide. But more interestingly you were

  • also breathing out water vapor

  • when this warm water vapor reaches the cold air outside, it quickly condenses to

  • form a fog, similar to a cloud, and that is what you see

  • It's not necessarily your breath but rather the water that comes along for the ride.

  • So next time you go for a walk in the cold, you can pretend that you're a cloud

  • breathing dragon

  • you're welcome in advance, I wish I was a dragon

  • Oh hey, I forgot I can do that. As usual I'll be answering a new question every Thursday

  • so ask

  • anything you wanna know in the comment section below or on Facebook and Twitter

  • if you want even more Life Noggin, check out this video we did on deja vu

  • I'm Blako. This has been Life Noggin. Don't forget to keep on thinking

  • and breathe. Make sure you breathe.

This episode of Life Noggin is brought to you by AJ plus

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