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-Hi Lucas. - Jim
-Hello. -Hi.
-Hello. - Hi.
Hi. - Hi.
Hello. - Hello.
Hello. -Hello.
-How are you? - Good.
-You came for the casting? - Yeah.
I'm sorry. Are you Lathuanian?
-Yes. - Perfect! Please can you translate this for me?
I'll try, if I ...
You'll have to see this? Or you'll...
No no no. On my Facebook page, someone wrote it to me. I don't know. A person.
Who wrote you this?
I got this on my Facebook and I was like how can I understand it?
Oh...Do you know this guy?
Ah... You know this guy?
No no. I just came to Lithuania two weeks ago, so...
You know...I will not translate it to you. It's very humiliating.
I'm not sure I want to translate it to you.
Because it's really...hmm...
It's very difficult to say the...
Looking in your
I can't.
Well, I mean ... There is no useful information for you here.
You wanna hear this?
Yeah. Because I'd like to know it better you know.
Ok. But...
You'll get this really personally or you'll not get this personally?
I don't know. You know because I just came to this country two weeks ago.
So... - Yeah. This is racist. That is really bad.
And I... I don't like this.
Ok. I'm gonna try to say these words to you.
What are you doing in Lithuania?
Go back to Africa.
That your smell would be not here.
If you would not get this, we'll catch you.
And...from your slave
From your slave skin...
We'll make shoes.
I'm sorry.
Sorry. Don't read it, okay?
I'm very sorry.
So...I have just no word can say.
I'll apologize about that...personally.
He's a sort of idiot. Or...I don't know.
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Eksperimentas VERTIMAS / Experiment TRANSLATION

68216 Folder Collection
沈家后 published on March 22, 2015    沈家后 translated    廖詩愉 reviewed
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