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Hey Jen, did you get my text? Oh no, sorry, it's like so
busy. Yeah, work's been crazy.
Oh, uh, let me... I did all I could, sorry.
So it's like I have to drive all the way back and traffic was crazy
and the line was super long. Yeah, listen. I really need to go to bathroom. Oh, okay.
I used to be able to see as far as the eye can see.
You know now buildings are in the way. Oh sorry it's from work.
Oh yeah, I get it. I get it. Oh, I've got some blue ones.
Where... where are the blues?
I really have to talk to her ... All I'm asking is that she........
(keep nagging) You know? Yeah
thank you
So it's one of the three crews cruise scam. How do you even get on this list?
Yummy! Thought there'll be more fries. Yeah, weird.
Hello. Hey, why don't you answer my text?
Oh, I am so sorry. Work's been nuts. Okay, great! Wait!
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11 Rude Things We All Secretly Do

7865 Folder Collection
少少 published on March 20, 2015    少少 translated    reviewed
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