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Speak now or forever hold your peace.
Any second now you’re going to run up to the porch and shout…
Detective! I know you’re in there!
Open the door! This is urgent!
You’re acting as if a bomb went off.
Nothing that elaborate.
Just your good old-fashioned outdoor wedding.
You know I hate weddings.
Well, you might fancy this one.
Everything was going perfectly fine…
until the balloons start to burst.
The paint inside splattered and ruined everything.
All hell breaks loose.
It’s every person for themselves.
The groom runs away without the bride,
entrées and desserts fly all over the place.
It’s total pandemonium.
What a colorful disaster.
Very vibrant.
The angry groom
doesn't share your admiration.
And he wants us to find out who did it.
Now time is of the essence.
So we must head to the
crime scene ASAP.
Why bother, inspector?
We’re already there.
Now, who is our culprit?
It’s an open and shut case, detective.
I already have it figured out.
This waiter. He’s crouching down inside,
before the explosion.
He’s holding in his hand a black object,
possibly a detonation device.
It doesn't get more obvious than that.
Now hold it just a minute.
Let’s take a closer look
under the table.
Your “detonation device” is a black cat.
And the waiter is merely feeding it
some leftover scraps.
You’re welcome to feel embarrassed, inspector.
Thank you, detective.
I have to say,
the resolution of this video is criminal.
And it's working to my advantage.
The best man has red paint on his shirt
even before the balloons burst.
Lo and behold.
Red just happens to be one of the colors
used in the crime.
Persuasive it may be, inspector,
to be exact, what our criminal used is
a shade of red, leaning
slightly towards purple,
known as "Alizarin Crimson",
named after the organic dye extracted
from "Rubia" plants,
and used most notably
in the color palettes of the late Bob Ross.
Conversely, the so-called "paint“
on the best-man’s shirt
is the slightly reddish-rose “Amaranth"
named after of course,
the red amaranth flower,
often used in food or cosmetics coloring.
At this point may I add,
it’s the same “Amaranth” glistening
on the maid-of-honor's lips.
Now, it’s really none of my business
but I would hazard a guess that
what we're dealing with here is
a heady combination
of provocative lipstick
and a desperate romance.
So… Tell me.
Who are the other candidates?
Don’t be shy, inspector.
How about
that man holding his phone camera
up towards the balloons?
Before they burst?
What would propel him to do that?
Unless he’s waiting for something
spectacular to happen.
He does reek of suspicion.
But if we take a closer look,
it tells us that the man is merely taking
a picture of a fluttering butterfly.
How disturbingly sentimental.
Well, he does eventually move to
a slightly more “desirable” subject.
I suppose that could be
deemed a crime in its own right.
Alright. I give up. That's it.
I give up.
Just tell me, who is it, detective?
Well, in my humble yet accurate opinion,
I think a more systematic
approach is necessary.
Given a sudden action,
there always follows a sudden reaction.
Now, who is the anomaly?
Our bride.
She's certainly feigning surprise,
but her pupils aren't dilated at all.
I don’t see
what you’re getting at, detective.
Look at the tattoo hidden between her fingers.
I thought that was a birthmark.
That, my friend,
is the Celtic symbol for love.
Now tell me. Her gaze.
Who is it fixed on?
The singer.
Let’s rewind to the beginning.
He seems... talented.
I agree, inspector.
Which leads me to my next question.
Why would such an accomplished performer
seem quite so nervous?
He even forgot to plug
in the effector pedal into his guitar!
Unless, of course,
he was after a slightly different “effect.”
Notice how he doesn't touch the pedal until
just before the balloons burst.
My goodness, you’re right!
And finally the tattoo on his finger…
Doesn’t it seem oddly familiar?
Well I never...
the singer and the bride.
Look at them, inspector.
What are they doing?
They are standing still,
in the midst of all the chaos.
As if they’ve finally finished
what they've been planning for a long, long time.
As if, in celebration.
How bold.
Bold, as only love can be.
Well, there you have it.
Once again you have cracked.
a mystery, detective.
Actually In this case, inspector,
I wasn’t the one who solved it.
All I did was watch.
Wait a minute. Detective!
What do we tell the Groom?
Truth lies in the Perfect Picture
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Who ruined Jenny's wedding? - LG Official Full Movie 2015

31872 Folder Collection
姚易辰 published on March 13, 2015
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