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  • Interesting Facts About ELEPHANTS. Did You Know?

  • There are at least 3 species - the Asian Elephant,

  • the African Bush Elephant,

  • and the African Forest Elephant.

  • They have the longest pregnancy of all the animals. It takes a female 22 months

  • from conception to give birth.

  • Their normal lifespan is 60-80 years.

  • Female elephants live in groups of about 15 animals,

  • all related and led by a matriarch.

  • Male elephants leave the matriarch groups between age 12 and 15.

  • Male elephants leave the matriarch groups between age 12 and 15.

  • An elephant's skin is an inch thick. They can get sunburned,

  • so they take care to protect themselves by throwing sand on their backs

  • and on their head. They use tusks for digging

  • and lifting heavy objects, and sometimes as a part of mating rituals.

  • Elephants prefer one tusk over the other, just as people

  • are either left or right-handed.

  • They have poor eyesight but an amazing sense of smell.

  • The elephant trunk has more than 40,000 muscles in it

  • and is the fusion of the nose and upper lip.

  • They waive their trunks up in the air and from side to side to smell better.

  • They can swim -- they use their trunk to breathe like a snorkel in deep water.

  • They only sleep 2 or 3 hours

  • hours each day, can eat up to 150kg of vegetation every day

  • and drinks 80 liters of water.

  • They don't like peanuts.

  • Elephants are some of the most intelligent animals on Earth.

  • Their brains weigh 5kg, much more than the brain

  • any other land animal. Elephants purr like cats do,

  • as a means of communication. The elephant's closest living relative

  • is the Rock Hyrax.

  • They cry, play, have incredible memories,

  • laugh and they recognize themselves in a mirror.

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Interesting Facts About ELEPHANTS. Did You Know?

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