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  • This episode of DNews is brought to you by Toyota Corolla.

  • Let's lead the way.

  • Hey everyone! Julia here for DNews. We're at Poco Dolce Confections in San Francisco.

  • To learn all about the science of chocolate!

  • I'm here with the founder of Poco Dolce Confections, Kathy Wiley.

  • So tell us a little bit about your background.

  • Why were you drawn to chocolate?

  • - We always love chocolate growing up, right? - Right.

  • It's actually a really fun business, because you get to play around with all the ingredients and creativity.

  • But really, there's a science behind it that you just... you can't deny and you have to follow.

  • Well, chocolate has certain percentage, what does that actually mean?

  • So, what that percentage is made up of... say, you know, obviously, you start with 100%.

  • Seventy percent is a mixture of cocoa liqueur and cocoa butter.

  • So anything that comes from a cacao, the remainder of that percentage, it can be flavorings, it can be dairy, it can be sugar.

  • So is that the darker the chocolate, the more health benefit you get?

  • Is that a good rule of thumb?

  • It's a basic rule of thumb, but it's not always true.

  • - Cause as you can see, that percentage could be a lot of cocoa butter. - Right.

  • But for the most part, yeah, you're gonna get... for a higher percentage, you're gonna usually get a richer flavor, and generally speaking, more flavanols.

  • How does the processing of chocolate change the flavor?

  • Very much in the same way would affect like, initially, a coffee bean.

  • You can ferment it differently.

  • You can over-roast a bean, or maybe you're gonna under-roast it, and even leave it a little bit raw.

  • Why do you think chocolate makes people feel good?

  • Well, I mean of course you have the nostalgia, cause... you're always a kid, and then, of course, there's always science behind it.

  • So in this particular case, there's seratonin, that your brain releases is that "feel good" brain chemical.

  • It just kind of raise your heart beat and gives you that giddy feeling.

  • So there're antioxidants, there're flavonols, there're polyphenols.

  • All of the anti-aging.

  • Good for your cardiovascular, anti-inflammatory.

  • It's kind of amazing all the things they do.

  • However, you should really just be enjoying it.

  • So how does chocolate make you feel?

  • Let us know in the comments below.

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This episode of DNews is brought to you by Toyota Corolla.

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