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The scene of the mythical battle between Zeus and the Titans, the island of Mykonos is named in honour of Apollo's grandson, Mykon.
The island's full time population is only around 9,000 people, but it has been a popular tourist destination since the 1950s.
And is well known for its beaches and its large number of bars, restaurants and nightclubs.
One of Mykonos's signature landmarks are the 16th century windmills that were until recently used to mill wheat and produce bread for the locals.
They are a striking feature of Mykonos and have sweeping views of the village of Hora and the entire harbour.
Mykonos's town of Hora, or Little Venice as it is better known, is a picturesque mediaeval town and features a striking waterfront set amongst the traditional historic buildings.
Thanks to the strict building regulations, Mykonos Town has retained its charming maze of small lanes, whitewashed steps, and traditional architecture.
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Mykonos, Greek Islands - 1080HD Travel Video

39402 Folder Collection
綾羅飄起 published on July 5, 2015    綾羅飄起 translated    Lily Chou reviewed
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