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  • This is you.

  • These are your friends and family, the people who matter, who love you, who make life worth living.

  • And these are the people you spend all your time with.

  • The Six Co-Workers You'll Have.

  • The Crush.

  • You're like Jim and Pam.

  • Yeah, let's pretend that's the perfect example of a workplace romance.

  • Oh, okay, well, at least your ears work better than your dick.

  • One night, you finally work up the courage.

  • Remember when you saw "Thor: The Dark World" on a plane and thought it was your favorite movie for months until you watched it at home and realized you didn't love it

  • Yeah. You'll be taking the long way to the break room for a few weeks.

  • The Creep.

  • Drunken mistakes aren't the only office hazard. There isn't just one species of creep.

  • There's a whole spectrum, and your local variety may differ by climate, available prey, and proximity of J. crew outlets.

  • [Preppy Creep] You free Friday night?

  • Because my dad's got an open tab at the yacht club.

  • [Regressive Asshole Creep] Please, a dame only gets paid less if she can't keep up with the men around her, or she's ugly.

  • [Too-Touchy Too-Feely Creep] You know Janice carries a lot of tension on her shoulders, too.

  • I think it's your tense.

  • The New Guy.

  • Right when you're wondering if you can still call yourself a recent college graduate, he shows up.

  • Who is this guy?

  • His diet would put you in a coma.

  • Yet he still seems to have endless energy.

  • Oh, hey! What'd you do last night?

  • Nothing too crazy. Shots at beauty bar then danced until 2 a.m. and called it an early night, you?

  • I watched Shark Tank then went to bed.

  • The worst part is, if you see him like that, how does he see you?

  • See ya.

  • I miss the 90s...

  • Maybe you should work harder.

  • Maybe you need to be like...

  • The Prince.

  • He thinks the word Machiavellian is a compliment.

  • He's not contented to just work, he wants to rule.

  • My lord, do these expense reports from Cynthia in marketing...

  • Do they not seem embroidered?

  • Perhaps I should be the one to go to the kingdom of Philadelphia for the sales conference in her stead.

  • I promise I will secure the favor of house Tampax.

  • Of course, ambition is a double-edged sword.

  • And so is this.

  • I thought the sales rep really like me! Please, don't take my f***ing spot!

  • Douche.

  • The Prisoner.

  • Well, back to 40 years of hard labor.

  • Not everybody considers this job an opportunity, for some, it's a life sentence.

  • Mommy numbed me after college. I was driving back from my sixth Burning Man, and I needed that money, man.

  • Oh, worst mistake of my life.

  • She spends all her time talking about what she's going to do when she finally gets out of this place.

  • You know what will be fun? A private plane or do... you know, like in "The Wolf of Wall Street".

  • The irony is, when prisoners do finally get their freedom, they usually have no idea what to do with it.

  • Hi, yes, do you still rent the planes with the rotating beds?

  • Well, most of them, anyway.

  • Oh, uh, quick question. Is cocaine legal yet? Oh, what a shame!

  • You're different, though.

  • You want to enjoy your job, but you don't wanna let it define you.

  • Now tell me more about this Snapchat.

  • You want to like the people you work with but some distance is nice, too.

  • The color purple.

  • And I mean the actual color purple not the one with Oprah.

  • The key is balance. You decide work and life, personal and professional.

  • If you're careful, you will make it out of here without any type at all.

  • You ever notice how she just stares like she's hearing voices or something?

  • Yeah, total weirdo.

  • The Total Weirdo. (You). -Wait!

  • No!

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  • Whoa...

This is you.

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The Six Coworkers You'll Have at Your Job

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    Blair posted on 2021/12/10
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