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From the R and D and experimental phase to the completion, the Robot Z Project took 10 years.
And now Robot Z is about to consolidate the U.S. Armed Forces.
But in the meantime, the U.S. military is said to be facing an even greater challenge.
(The Robot Man)
After the colossal investment, the project of the U.S. Armed Forces, A.I. Robot Z, now could come to an end without the operator.
With all the great talent in the forces.
How can you not find one operator?
We've got it, sir.
The young man in this file.
He's a power shovel driver.
He even invented shovel breakdancing.
We requested all records of his sporting achievement so far.
He's like a cyborg.
So after undergoing training, he qualified immediately.
So where is this young man you're talking about?
He's in Taiwan, sir.
It's a small island in the Western Pacific, sir.
I don't care if it's the moon or Mars.
Find him!
I want that boy in my office in 48 hours.
Yes, sir!
This young man is literally the pride of Taiwan.
We were being told that the U.S. military officers have arrived right here in Taichung.
They are ready to meet with this young man.
Excuse me, sir.
Could you tell us why he is the only candidate?
How did you find him?
You're the man, bro.
The world needs you.
Join us!
Do you speak English?
I what?
He just can't speak English.
If he can't speak English, how can he operate the robot?
Mission abort. Mission abort.
Any replied news about your next candidate?
Will you continue your search in Asia?
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School Attendance by Australian Aborigines Linked to Aid to Parents

118113 Folder Collection
Ashley Chen published on April 2, 2015    Wendy translated    Ashley Chen reviewed
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