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okay so I'm going to teach you how to
de-shell a shrimp using spoon and fork
in about three seconds or less okay
to demonstrate, let's just do one shrimp here
there you go. How many seconds is that? I'm hoping it's about 3 seconds or less
alright so I'll run you through the
step-by-step process of how I did it first what you do is you remove the head
of the shrimp
then using the I tip of your fork
you pierce through the back of the ship here like so
and then using the I curvature of your spoon here
you kind of ease your way into the shell of the shrimp
You probably would get about three layers of the shell here
1 2 3
Then once it's glided through just remove your fork
and then you kind of remove the feed a bit
pierce through the shrimp and then cut through the
tail part of the shrimp here but without really cutting the entire shell
because that's really important. So once that's done
it should be easy glide out. There you go
Let me show it to you one more time here
So remove the head. Pierce the back
of the shrimp. Use the spoon and remove the
three parts of the shell. Kinda push down on the feet here
Pierce the shrimp. Cut off the tail
and then slide it out. There you go
So let's do that real fast right now
There you go so I hope you learned
a lot in this tutorial of mine. Let me know how it works for you
Thank you
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How to peel or de-shell shrimp in 3 seconds

2080 Folder Collection
Amy.Lin published on March 2, 2015
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