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It begins with Goku.
His death changes everything.
Six months later, they awaken.
A pair of heartless monsters with no regard for life.
These Androids slaughter millions.
Only about ten thousand people survive.
My mother forms an underground resistance to fight back along with my mentor Gohan, and myself.
Together we always find a way.
Please, I’ll do anything you want.
I love this part.
I have money.
I’m immortal. What good would your money do me?
We’ve received a distress call about the Androids sited near Pepper Town,
Repeat, the Androids have been sited near Pepper Town. We need you to investigate.
Are you ready, Trunks?
Alright, you vermin!
Who’s next? How about you? Huh?
This is stupid. Would you just kill them already?
We spent all that time rounding them up
If I kill them all at once, where’s the fun in that?
Let’s make them run away.
That would be more interesting.
I like that. Good idea, 18.
Alright you vermin! Go on!
Run along!
That’s far enough
Get out of here! Now!
Was that supposed to hurt?
We need to buy more time! You attack 18!
Kaaaaa… meeeee… haaaaa… meeeee…
Come on! Let’s go!
Oh...that takes me back.
Father, how did you do this for so long?
Thirteen years of fighting these demons.
How much longer can I endure?
Hey, Mom! What are you working on?
Oh, just a side project.
How’s it coming along?
Bit by bit.
I hope it goes well. I have to go train with Gohan, alright? Bye!
I hope so too.
Hey, Gohan. My father, can you tell me more about him?
What was he like?
Of what?
Of himself, haha
But I think there was more to it than that.
TRUNKS: That’s the same thing mom says, and it still doesn’t make sense.
How can pride like that be a good thing?
Well, maybe someday you’ll understand, but for now let’s concentrate okay?
Next time on Dragon Ball Z Light of Hope
I know how you feel, but we are making a difference out there.
I need more power!
You cannot gain without first suffering the pain of loss.
Don’t you think I’ve lost enough already?
My friends, my family, everything!
What more is there?!
You know what, this is dumb!
Nothing matters in this world but power.
Isn’t it obvious by now? Ugh, I’m sick of this!
Like father, like son.
Maybe I should have been more strict with him, like you were with me, huh, Mr. Piccolo?
What’s it gonna take to tap into his potential?
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Dragon Ball Z: Light of Hope - Pilot

12069 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on February 27, 2015    Lily Chou translated    Derek reviewed
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