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What’s up? What’s going on everybody. Welcome to our second video collaboration with ABC’s inspired by our new show “Fresh Off The Boat”.
Alright, so today we’re at cool Asian Bakery. We got some boba. We got some crazy baking goods.
And we’re gonna talk about the most embarrassing but funny stories we have been raised by immigrant parents.
Yeah. Cause you know “Fresh Off The Boat” is about the immigrant family try to figure out in America.
In my case, Canada.
You know as we’re here at the Asian bakery. Immediately the first thing I think of is food.
Yo. Let’s talk food cause there’re so much talk about food.
I remember when I was kid growing up in elementary school.
My parents would never ever buy me the little square ham with square cheese with circle ham two crummy crackers in that was just too expensive.
And I remember my mom was just always tell me no no no no. That’s too expensive.
So for me, they had like give me rice and like sausage.
Yeah. It did not hook it up.
Cause like the meat was so mysterious to them.
They’re like why aren’t you having sandwich.
Something funny that my mom she would exactly give me that meal that came with the toy.
She would give me a one dollar menu and then she would go to the counter and ask them if they would give me a toy nine times outta ten and it actually worked.
And to be honest, I didn’t even know there’s any other items on the menu other than the Dollar menu.
Until I got my own money, I couldn’t order.
It still carries with me day because even today I’m still ordering of the dollar menu a lot.
We talk about being raised up by immigrant parents you have to include the saving money part.
Yes. Which can be embarrassing and funny the same time.
Basically, our pantry was dictated by what was on sale that week.
So whatever snacks, cereal even fruit like strawberries were on sale. My mom would stocking up. But if they weren’t we just won’t eat them.
So one funny story I have about my parents try to save money is.
Going up to my basketball coaches then asking them if they had low income discounts for being on in expensive basketball team.
And my coach would always be like, “Yo, Rich man you parents be trippi’n man.
And we joke about it at practicing. Yeah you know they just doing the thing.
When we eat out with my family, my mom would buy one tea and we will share it amongst like six of us.
She’s gonna order tea and then it’ll come with tea bag.
You order what? Four hot water or something and you take the bag out.
You just dip it all inside.
Nice. And then so when the waiter comes back she’s like “did you guys order four tea?”
We’re like “NO”
That’s why she’s really smart. I’ve never thought about it.
Tea leaves go a long way.
And the big part of our childhood growing up was definitely my mom returning a lot of things.
She still does it this day and is not a bad thing because it saves us a lot of money.
Cause she always be like “hey guys money back guarantee it’s right here on the box.”
Didn’t she return fruit?
My mom has returned grapes before.
When it comes to my mom, everything can be returned. Everything.
Ain’t no shame in the return game.
So a lot of people always be like “yo, David I know your family always buying car in weird colors.”
No-o-o. That’s just the cheapest one available.
It is the purple or the
No, it wasn’t purple. It was eggplant
My parents’ car was eggplant car too.
Kind of different from what you guys that my parents would actually buy the expensive car.
But then they would have brown van that was worth like five hundred dollars.
They would drive around so they didn’t have to drive the nice car everywhere.
Right. I remember the name for you called it
My mom would buy x large shirts because they would fit all of us.
Cause we have about four girls in the house so we are all different sizes.
So large will fit all of us.
I remember get hand-me-down from our cousin Denis who’s from Hong Kong.
So we get all these funky uncommon brands like clothes look crazy.
Different funny windbreaker jackets and we get this big box from our aunt and uncle.
And then we be like “oh yeah time to go...”
And then we be like “mew! what is this”.
I thought it was second grade, my parents would go to Vietnam in the summer. And they will bring back a bunch of clothes for me for the school year.
But on the shoes, they have like four patches of different brands.
So you couldn’t go wrong with it. You had everything on right.
My family and I were eating out.
And a server was like tall, good-looking Chinese guy.
Automatically, my dad was like “Are you single”.
“Here is my daughter” he like points right at me.
Like so embarrassing.
“We can support you back in… like in Vancouver”, and I’m like “this is so embarrassing” and like afterwards.
The boss and all the servers were like talking at the corner looking at me.
And the boys smile when they put the food down.
Any part of you like it though?
Because it’s like, I can find my own man.
My dad I think associated nerdy girl with like the best wife ever.
Which I mean there is of course good quality to that.
I think it’s so funny cause they use passive aggressive way.
“Hey what about her, man.” “She seems smart David.”
I just remember my dad look at me with a straight face.
David if you really think about it is better not to date until… after college or you have a job.
It’s ok you have a girlfriend
But before you are after college and have a job, then having your girlfriend would only distract you from your goals.
Then you’re gonna say destroy you.
You could. You could.
One thing I could really relate to “Fresh Off The Boat” is Eddie’s father, Louis, loves the American culture.
I thought it was interesting cause my mom really embraced in pop culture.
My dad was definitely more traditional side. He listens to more like traditional Chinese music or classical music.
Eddie’s dad is more into American culture than his mom.
I remember sometimes watching American shows.
My dad would always like make comments at things that he didn’t approve of.
Just some girls show upon the screen just like in skirts for whatever reason.
My dad be like. “Ohhhh What show is this?”
He has watched it like forty five minutes.
And all he says
“what do we watch?”“what do we watch?”
My dad would always sit down watch about like three minutes.
See something he didn’t like.
“Alright, you guys, turn it off, change channel.”
‘Fresh Off The Boat’ I think it’s why a lot of people are excited about the show because even though it is based around the Asian, particularly Chinese family.
I think you’re gonna see a lot of things that all immigrants kids deal with.
It’s just gonna be this whole immigrant kind of experience is very similar about not understand the American culture.
I think any kid grow with immigrant parents can relate to the fact that.
One if you can look back on your life experiences, things are pretty funny.
Ok. They gives you a sense of humor
They also give you different perspective on American culture.
Even though you know there’s definitely pros and cons.
You know whether you’re not being fully accepted as American, you don’t feel as American as other kids.
But you also have these other culture here that helps you look at thing through different lens.
And I think that is also good in different way.
And if you can use those things to your advantage.
It’s awesome.
Alright guys, that was different reminisce of funny or embarrassing story from my immigrant parents.
There was like a literally some story that I hadn’t thought about for like fifteen years
That was really crazy go back on the memory lane.
Again this was inspired by the new ABC show “Fresh Off The Boat.”
So again make sure you check out the new ABC show “Fresh Off The Boat” on Feb. 4 with very special two episodes premiere at 8:37 13 central.
And then after that check out another all new episode on Feb. 10 at 87central.
I’m from Canada. I’m checking out “Fresh Off The Boat” because my parents came fresh off the boat.
Alright guys and until next time.
We are out, peace.
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39186 Folder Collection
Go Tutor published on February 28, 2015
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