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The next topic of discussion is doubles rules. Before I start speaking about doubles rules,
I need to mention that in doubles, the size of the court is slightly larger than a singles
court. The length of the court is the same, but the width of the court in doubles is a
little bit wider. The length is 44 feet long and the width for doubles is 20 feet long.
In doubles, as opposed to singles, you have two players on one side playing against two
players on the other side. And, of course, like singles the object of the game is to
hit the shuttlecock away from your opponents. In doubles especially, there's a lot more
emphasis on smashing and attacking the shuttlecock and hitting it at very fast rates of speed.
And requires typically a lot more energy than singles. Because in singles you have to conserve
your energy, so it's a much slower paced game, typically. And those are the basic rules for
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Doubles Rules | Badminton Lessons

965 Folder Collection
Wayne Lin published on February 26, 2015
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