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  • Here’s a question that a lot of people have asked the internet, presumably after a party,

  • or during a lull in a wedding reception, or maybe around last call at the local tavern

  • if their fingers, they can get them to work on the phone

  • Why does beer make you pee? Well, you know how alcohol tends to make simple things suddenly

  • really complicated? Well, that applies here, too. You might think that the answer is obvious:

  • beer goes in, pee comes out. Beer is mostly water, so why wouldn’t it make you pee?

  • But, it’s a little more complicated than that, and it has to do not just with beer,

  • but any drink that has the active ingredient ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol.

  • You probably know that alcohol messes with all sorts of brain functionsjust first-hand,

  • probably. It does this by making it harder for your neurons to communicate with each

  • other, but it also affects your endocrine system, that network of glands that secretes

  • the hormones your body needs to keep your heart beating and your cells metabolizing

  • and your sexy parts working.

  • In this case, alcohol interferes with a specific hormone secreted from your pituitary gland

  • called vasopressin, sometimes called anti-diuretic hormone. Its job is to help your body retain

  • water. It sends signals to your kidneys to keep your body hydrated by maintaining just

  • the right balance of water and mineral salts in your blood.

  • But while the alcohol’s messing with your brain, it’s also messing with your pituitary,

  • and actually turns off the production of vasopressin. Without those orders being sent to your kidneys

  • to retain a certain amount of water, they just start letting all the water in your system

  • through, sending it straight to your bladder.

  • So the more alcohol you ingest, the less vasopressin you produce, the more water you lose. That

  • is why after a couple of drinks youll notice that your urine becomes lighter in color,

  • and if youve had way too much, eventually comes out clear. At that point, youre essentially

  • peeing out nothing but water. When you see that, you know that youve not only had

  • too much, but youre in for a hurtinthe next day, because dehydration is what

  • causes hangovers.

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Here’s a question that a lot of people have asked the internet, presumably after a party,

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