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Okay, everyone gather around because it is present time
Whiskey stones. You've got me whiskey stones
Okay, yeah, I don't have this.
I've always wanted this. I've always wanted it
Whiskey stones. Cool. So cool it's like in the whiskey and it makes it colder
Cool so it's like ice that you have to wash.
Oh wow that is good
That is good. I love this. I drink so much whiskey it's at its a proper one.
Now it's the cold problem.
Rad~ Tight~
Whiskey stones~ Wow~ Whiskey stones
Oh~ I don't deserve this. The really one time I hit someone
with my car, I just kept going. And I checked the papers the next day
there weren't reports of anything but...
still I can accept this
Whiskey stones... were my father's favorite.
Whiskey stones... it's Whiskey stones.
Wow cool
very Wow
What a unique and personal gift!
truly the most unique, the most
personal what could demonstrate a more intimate knowledge of who I am in these whiskey stones
I'm Emily from College Humor
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Just kidding~ it's the same
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How To Pretend You Like That Shitty Gift (Hardly Working)

16413 Folder Collection
少少 published on April 11, 2015    少少 translated    Blair reviewed
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