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Since we're launching on this new awesomeness of videos, I feel like I should get a few
things off my chest.
#1, I am crazy about animals, as in I'm crazy driven to provide them awesome care, even
if they're not my own.
#2, Animals are really, really, really messy, and it's really hard to keep them clean and
#3, I log everything. Like, seriously, everything; I'm walking along, going about my business
and I'm like, "Oh, hey, it's 10:30," I'm like, "Hey, it's snowing; better write it down."
"Oh, so-and-so pooped; better write it down." Yeah, I log everything. It's crazy.
#4, I can chop veggies like nobody's mother. Wanna race?
#5, There's never an instance when you cannot learn something more about something; nobody
knows everything. Well... wait, maybe somebody does know everything there is currently available
to know about something, but that doesn't mean there isn't something more to discover.
Okay, so I think most children come into this world with a natural curiosity about nature
and animals, and western society just inundates them with a barrage of animal images over
and over. So, maybe I was brainwashed by animals, or maybe I came over it naturally. Whatever
the reason, I'm consumed by a desire to help animals and care for them in any aspect. So
I even love seeing other people with their animals and helping when I can. If you have
a question about your animal, please, feel free, ask in the comments below.
Number two. Yeah! Animals don't clean up after themselves.
Ah, more than half the time spent caring for these animals is spent cleaning up after them,
like their poop and pee and ravaged toys and, ah, other bodily fluids. [dramatic DUM DUM
DAAHHH music] Yep.
Number three. Logging is essential to knowing and caring
for your animals. It's priceless to be able to go back three, four months, even years,
to see if you are dealing with an illness, or you're managing a seasonal behavior, all
those things. You need to know that stuff. For example, we have a bird named Oliver,
and he's a Sun Conure and he got really ill about a year ago and we were worried that
he had this wasting disease that was really contagious to other birds, and for the safety
of the rest of our flock we might have to a necropsy which is the only way to determine
if that was the disease. A necropsy is an autopsy except on an animal which means euthanasia.
I hated that idea so I wanted to see if there was another option so I scoured all of his
backlogs, and I found out that he was sick. About four years ago he got sick and he recovered
from that illness so it was unlikely that he had that wasting disease, so we were able
to save his life because we did those logs. So yeah, logging is like ingrained in my everyday
life. l could seriously tell you everything that I ate today and every time me and my
sons went poo poo in the potty. Yeah, life of the party!
Number four. I love introducing all of my interns to the
basics of animal care. It's so fun seeing them learn all these new skills and acquire
these basic life skills. The best part is teaching them all to chop vegetables. It's
both hilarious and also really annoying. It brings back all these memories of me trying
to learn how to do chopping veggies. It would seriously take me like an hour or two every
other day to chop these vegetables and it was, my hand would cramp up, and it was just
terrible, but, um, I just learned to pair it with episodes of Buffy so, you know, it
wasn't so bad. So even if my interns never take care of animals
again, or chop veggies for animals, at least they have mad chopping skills, right? That's,
that's pretty cool.
And number five. So I am so excited to be doing this channel,
because it has not only sparked my passion to teach, but also to keep learning. There
is always room for improvement in everything in life. So I promise to keep learning about
everything animal if you promise to keep asking questions.
If you want to keep learning more about animals and learning how we make caring for them possible,
then subscribe to Animal Wonders Montana and join us on an adventure every week. If you
have a suggestion for an episode or any questions at all, please ask them. You can find us on
our website, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook... links are below.
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5 Things About Jessi and Animals

2057 Folder Collection
HK Li published on February 23, 2015
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