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  • Hey it’s Cheryl Lazar back stage at the Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax, with Christina Perri. How are you?

  • Hello, I’m awesome how are you? I’m good. Are you having fun at the Grammys? Yes, this is amazing.

  • Yeah, we were talking about the creams and everything they were giving away.

  • Yeah, yeah, yeah, gifts and cool people yeah.

  • And now your single Jar Of Hearts, it’s just been everywhere lately.

  • How does that feel to have your music out there like that?

  • It’s pretty magical. I mean a year ago I was thinking about it and I was waitressing.

  • I remember hanging out with my friend and we were boycotting all the Grammy madness.

  • Just hanging out and I was playing the guitar and she was dancing.

  • We were breaking up, had just broken up with boys.

  • It was just the opposite of my life right now.

  • So, I’ve had a really great year and I’m really grateful for it.

  • How did that happen then, so quickly? I mean last year

  • Well I had my, yeah, Jar Of Hearts was

  • It was just this amazing perfect chain of events where

  • my best friend grew up with the choreographer on So You Think You Can Dance, which happens to be a

  • ridiculously huge show that I didn’t even know and

  • the dance community alone is bananas.

  • So, she sent a demo and like that stuffs not suppose to actually happen.

  • It’s like, oh cool, good luck with that. And then um,

  • They used it. Yeah, they actually used it.

  • Then, on June thirtieth of last year, they played it on the show

  • Hundreds and thousands of people went and downloaded it.

  • The next day my whole life changed and I flew to New York City,

  • signed a record deal and I’ve been making my album. It’s madness.

  • It’s one of those stories. Like Cinderella or something.

  • you hear, but doesn’t really happen. Yeah, that’s what everybody said.

  • It was kind of like, whoa, we haven’t seen this in a long time.

  • What was it about that song do you think connected with people?

  • Well, I mean the songs about, it’s about a real dude and

  • it’s about real heartbreak that I had and then it’s about real strength that I had.

  • Best of luck. I look forward to your new album. Thank you, thank you. When is it going to be out?

  • It comes out in the spring. It’s called Love Strung.

  • Alright, check it out. Yay! Thank you. Thanks. Christina Perri.

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Hey it’s Cheryl Lazar back stage at the Grammys, brought to you by Turbo Tax, with Christina Perri. How are you?

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