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Fine! Yes I'd love to!
Thanks Gene I'll be there...two o'clock. Goodbye.
You know three weeks ago I couldn't have accepted that invitation. Like so many people these
days we live in the suburbs and Dave needs the car every day for business. When he was
gone I was practically a prisoner in my own home. I couldn't get out to see my friends,
couldn't take part in PTA activities, well I couldn't even shop when I wanted to. I had
to wait 'till Thursday night after Dave brought the car home. But that's all changed now.
[ Opens blinds dramatically. ]
Three weeks ago we bought another Ford: the new, low priced, Customline Victoria. Isn't
it stunning? Dave has it all to himself. And I now have the Ranch Wagon all to myself.
It's a whole new way of life! Now I'm free to go anywhere, do anything, see anybody anytime
I want to. It's only good common sense. Why be stuck with one expensive car when you can
enjoy all the fun and freedom of two fine Fords?
(Stereotypical 1950's male voiceover) Today, more and more families are finding out how
easy it is to become two Ford families. You can choose from twenty different models, colors
galore, and each available with Thunderbird Power, with styling inspired by the famous
Ford Thunderbird, and each with the extra protection of Ford's Lifeguard design. See
your Ford dealer soon!
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1950's TV Ad

643 Folder Collection
李致遠 published on February 19, 2015
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