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I'm Louise.
I'm the PR Director at the Auto Gallery.
And we are here in the scorching Fontana sunshine
at Auto Club Speedway for the first annual Super Car Track
We're working with [INAUDIBLE] Auto Sound this year.
And we've got a fantastic group of our customers
with some amazing cars just about to go out on the track.
You'll see here, we've got McLarens,
we've got Lamborghinis, we've got Porsches,
we've got Maseratis, we've got Ferraris.
And the great thing about today is
people get to take their cars out
on the track with professional instructors
so they can really work at how to get the most out
of their cars.
The Auto Gallery has been trying to do a track
day for the past four years, something of this calibre,
and this is really that next step.
And this is very successful of doing these type of track
events, elevating the experience,
and really thinking about our slogan, "It's the lifestyle."
This really fits with everything that we
stand for at the Auto Gallery.
So thank you very much.
Being able to take your car at like 150 miles an hour--
no other cars, no cops, none of that stuff,
but just you and your car and the road.
I mean, you can't ask for anything better.
These are the kinds of things we love to do for our clients.
And this is where you really get to enjoy your car.
You can buy these cars from many dealerships.
But to enjoy them the most, you should
be buying them and becoming part of the Auto Gallery family.
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The Auto Club Speedway Done Right During Supercar Track Day | The Auto Gallery

1616 Folder Collection
楊定 published on February 18, 2015
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