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Hi there,
and welcome to Day 6 of the Easy English
7 Day Course. Today's
lesson, technique
number 6, is:
Learn English Through Stories.
Learn English Through Stories.
You see text books and grammar
and vocabulary lists, they're
boring. They're not fun
to learn from. They're not exciting.
They're not interesting, they're boring
and if you try to learn
English through those methods
you'll be bored. You will fail at learning
English and you'll be mad. Errrr.
You'll angry you're not gonna fulfill your goals
and you're not going to learn English.
Humans are not designed to learn from
text books. Text books
are good if you want to pass
tests in school and maybe you want to pass tests.
But, that's not all you want to do. You want to learn
English. You want to speak it
easily. You want to you speak it without thinking about it.
Well, humans are not designed
to learn from text books.
But, humans are
designed to learn from
stories. All the great religions in the world,
all of the great teachers have always taught
through stories. The great stories
of the world are usually taught with a
predictable pattern. Many of the great
stories in the world have a
a particular order of the way the story is told
and the way the story unfolds.
When you learn
English through stories, you learn
English automatically. This is because
when you're listening to a story,
you're curious to know what's going to happen,
you want to know
what will happen with the bad guy
if the man and woman will fall in love, indeed.
You want to know
what is going to happen, so you pay
more attention. You are more
curious and as you
listen to this
entertaining, fun story,
what's happening inside of your brain
is that your mapping out the words.
You're putting them where they should go.
This word goes before this word,
and those words
follow these words. Over here is a,
over here is a vocabulary piece I don't understand.
In here is a phrase that I want to write down.
define, yes. Using stories
to learn English is the best way
to learn English. You may ask, Well,
how do I do that? How do I learn
English through stories?" Well,
one way is at LetsDoEnglish,
we have created what we call
Teaching Tales. Now,
our Teaching Tales
is a complete system,
we teach you English
through the use of stories.
They're entertaining, fun
dramatic stories about
people and places
and animals. In the LetsDoEnglish
Teaching Tales, in the system
we teach you English, through the use of stories,
we teach: vocabulary words
and important phrases.
The stories are taught slowly,
so you understand every word.
There or question and answer sessions
and there are also point of view
story elements, where we change
from the present to
past, to future tense.
So, you automatically
start to understand the difference between
verbs in their different forms.
One way for you to learn English
is to purchase our Teaching Tales.
You can find those at LetsDoEnglish.com,
and if you scroll down you'll see a link
to purchase the product.
Another way that you can learn English
through the use of stories is,
go to your library or bookstore
or online at Amazon
and purchase your favorite
books on tape in English.
Now purchase your favorite story
in English,
listen to that over and over again and as you listen
to stories in English
you learn English through stories.
You'll find you don't have to try so hard.
That it's easy and fast
and really fun.
Okay, so today's lesson,
Day #6, Lesson #6
is learn English through
Thank you for being here, I'll see it tomorrow.
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Learn English - Easy English Day 6

1110 Folder Collection
TPK published on February 15, 2015
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