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Hello and welcome to day 5
of the Easy English Seven Day Course.
Alright, today's lesson,
lesson #5 is: Study Phrases, Not Words.
Study Phrases, Not Words
English, english language
is made up
not only of words,
but also of phrases,
or groups of words.
A phrase maybe
two words, all the way to
5 or 6 words and often
the phrase, the combination of words
means something different
then the individual words
Now, I know that you have this in your
language as well. Because every language
has phrases. Also known
as idioms or
word clusters. The reason why
you want to study phrases
not words, is because
so much meaning
is derived from these phrases,
that if you knew
all of the words in the English language but no phrases,
you still wouldn't speak
English very well. You would not
understand when you were talking to a native speaker,
because there are so many
phrases. So you could study
all of the words but no phrases
and not speak English very well. But, if you study
all the phrases or even the
top 500
phrases, you would also
learn the words that make up the phrases.
And if you knew the top
500 phrases, you would speak English
really well.
So, how do you or how can you
study phrases not
Well, if you're in class and you
hear a phrase that you don't understand
write it down. Later
you can ask a friend, ask a teacher
or you can ask me.
Email me. Ask me,
"what does this phrase mean", and I will answer it.
I will write you back and I will tell you.
So, anytime you hear a phrase that you don't know what it means,
write it down. At LetsDoEnglish,
in our Teaching Tales, we define
commonly used phrases. Teaching Tales
are original stories meant to
use important
vocabulary and important common
modern phrases and we define both those.
Another way to define
phrases or deconstruct
these phrases you've written down,
is to look online. Often times
if you write the phrase into
Google, Google
will define the phrase for you.
Not just the words, but the phrase itself.
So, today's lesson, day # 5,
lesson #5 is:
study phrases not words.
K, thank you for showing up today.
Again, don't forget answer the questions on the survey
and I will send you part of our Teaching Tales
at the end of the week.
I'll see ya tomorrow.
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Learn English - Easy English Day 5

1233 Folder Collection
TPK published on February 15, 2015
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