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Hello and welcome to day 3,
of the Easy English Seven Days Series.
Now, before we get started, don't forget,
go down and fill out the survey
attached to each day
of this course and I will send you
a free gift. It's a big section
out of our teaching tales that we sell
for eighty dollars. So
the value of this gift is probably
forty or fifty dollars. I will send it
to you free. Okay.
Okay rule number three, today's rule:
is always slow down
the English so you
understand completely.
down the English
so you understand
Why do you want to you slow down
the English so you understand
completely? Again,
this is a rule that I
didn't invent. We
here at LetsDoEnglish didn't invent
this rule. But modern science,
modern language learning says
that if the words are too fast,
you won't understand them.
You won't learn English
and in fact it can make
your English worse. Some people
believe that if they listen to
the radio in English
that they will learn to speak English.
It's not true. It's not true,
it's wrong. Why? Because
the words are too fast.
If the conversation is too fast,
you will not learn the English. So
how do you slow down
the English so that you
completely understand? Well
you need to listen to materials
that are slow. So, perhaps
you want to listen to
an audiobook made
for children. Kids
audiobook. Also,
if you're having a conversation with an
English speaker and they're speaking
too fast, say:
"pardon me, I don't
understand. Can you please
slow down". You say:
"pardon me, I don't understand.
can you please slow down",
and they will.
They'll slow down for you.
This rule, slow down
the English, so you completely understand.
Is why parents
speak so slowly
to babies and children.
Because parents know this.
It's also why we
at LetsDoEnglish speak
so slowly in these lessons.
I want you to understand
every word.
Now, you may not understand
every word. But if I speak
slower, you will understand
most of them. When learning
to speak English,
you need to try
to understand every
word. So, listen
to English audiobooks
that are slow.
Have conversations with English speakers
that are slow.
That's today's lesson. Thank you so much for being here.
I'll see you tomorrow.
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Learn English - Easy English Day 3

1271 Folder Collection
TPK published on February 15, 2015
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