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  • - Well hello everyone. My name is Tyler Oakley

  • and it's motherfucking Christmas time!

  • ♫ I love Christmas

  • ♫ I don't even believe in Santa

  • But I love Christmas

  • It's so fuckin' good

  • That's my favorite Christmas song.

  • Copyrighted, you can't have it, it's mine.

  • Sorry Ariana, sorry Mariah, you guys will never compare,

  • your Christmas songs suck compared to mine.

  • Santa is my fuckin' bitch. Yes, bitch. Yes, bitch

  • I don't know what's going on.

  • I just wanted to make a quick little video saying

  • merry Christmas, happy Hanukkah, whatever you believe.

  • I know that family is not always the best

  • and the holidays can sometimes be

  • a really hard time for a lot of people.

  • If that is the situation for you,

  • if your family's ignorant or rude,

  • or not supportive of you and your lifestyle,

  • if you are being a productive person

  • but being a unique individual, I just want to say

  • that I love you, and I'm sending you patience,

  • and support, and positive vibes

  • because you deserve them in this time.

  • Yeah, I want you to be safe, and happy, and that's it.

  • Happy holidays!

  • I hope it's a great holiday season.

  • I hope that you're relaxing.

  • I hope that you're having a fabulous life right now

  • because you deserve it.

  • You've worked hard all year, and this is your moment.

  • This is your time.

  • If you just finished finals, if you have time off from work,

  • whatever you're doing in your life,

  • I hope that you are relaxing,

  • I hope that you're with loved ones,

  • and I hope that you are just like living the dream, ya'll.

  • I hope that you're living the dream, because you deserve it.

  • Unless you don't because you were a little bitch all year,

  • then fuck you. (laughs)

  • But yeah. Merry Christmas, happy holidays,

  • happy Hanukkah, merry Kwanzaa.

  • I know this is a random video but

  • I just want to send you some love this holiday season.

  • If you like this little video give it a thumbs up.

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  • And yeah, have a good life. I will see you guys next time.

  • And until then, deuces.

  • Ya'll. It's fuckin' Christmas time

  • It's fuckin' Christmas time

  • It's fuckin' Christmas time

  • Honestly the main reason I did a Christmas-y video

  • was because so many of you guys on Twitter were like,

  • "You give us nothing for a Christmas theme on Twitter."

  • So, like, here you go. Enjoy.

- Well hello everyone. My name is Tyler Oakley

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My Sloppy Holiday Message For You | Tyler Oakley

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    Ray Du posted on 2015/02/15
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