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42 Years B.G. (Before Gru)
Oh, Walter, look! These adorable little freaks are headed to Orlando, too!
You are going to Villain-con, aren't you?
I am going to get all my favorite villains to sign my magazine!
Scarlet Overkill!
If I was a minion, that's who I would want to work for.
Welcome to Villain-con, a biggest gathering of criminals anywhere!
Any evil talents?
Not bad.
What about you? Any evil talents?
That's not evil, or a talent.
Ladies and gentlemen, a super villain of all are waiting for, Scarlet Overkill!
Doesn't it feel so good to be bad?
I love you, Scarlet!
Work for me, then all your dreams come true.
Respect power!
Wow, these cats are pumped!
Maybe I'll settle them down with a bedtime story!
Once upon a time, there were three little pigs...
The pigs encountered a big bad wolf who hired the three pigs to come work for her.
One day, the pigs did something very stupid,
so the wolf huffed and puffed and she blew them off the face of the earth!
The end.
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Minions Official Trailer #2 (2015) - Despicable Me Prequel HD

69155 Folder Collection
王妍心 published on February 27, 2015    王妍心 translated    Amber reviewed
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