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the idea is that when you give people the stability to stay connected with all
the people they care about an
you make it so they can express new things about
themselves are
in communication with other people who take care about
than you just open up all these new possibilities to make it to people can
stay connected in ways vacant before they can
learn about new things whether it's
events there happen in the world tour
abode organizing things or learn about new products are new movies or music
that they wanna listen to
uh... is it opens up a lot of new possibility when you can keep
all these connections open to that to the people you care about so
obviously a big part of our mission
connecting all these different people on the world an
um... one of the things that we are really proud of is that
now eight hundred million people around the world are using facebook
every month and perhaps even
even crazier aidid's mind blowing from from my perspective but um... more than
half a billion people
use facebook everyday
yeah i i think those are all just coercion the needs and until three spoke
there wasn't
agree tool for doing that but
i think that a lot of that
and building up was the last five years i think the next five years
is gonna be about okay now you're connected to all these people
now you can have a better music listening experience you can have a
better movie watching experience you can
see we're friends a reading and learn what news uh... you should read first
all these things i think they're gonna are gonna get better and
that's the thing that i must accept for the next five years and
if we do well i think fighter shock people really get a look back
and say wow over the last five years all these products in all gotten better
because i'm not doing this stuff alone and doing it with my friends
that social media's role as maybe
overblown in that
and the way that i think about is that
if people want change
they will find a way to get that change right so
whatever technology they may or may not have used
was neither a necessary nor sufficient case for forgetting to the outcome of a
got to
but having people who want to change what so
i i hope that
uh... face book and
other internet technologies
were able to tell people just like we we hope that they help them communicate
organized whatever they want to a personal day but you know that i don't i
don't pretend that in a face book didn't exist that fits the swim impossible of
course it
by literally
coated face book in my dorm from launch it from a dorm room
uh... original server for eighty five dollars a month and i find it by putting
and outside and we find ever since but putting ads on the side laid right then
but literally just starting small and growing it
so i think you need two things one is
the ability to have engineers rat ban
and educate
engineers who can just try out their own ideas that and the second is the ability
to try out their own ideas right in
and the freedom to do that an the u_s_ i think
historically has been extremely good at both we've led in education
and we've led in and freedom in supporting people trying risky things
uh... we have this culture where
we place a
a really big premium on moving quickly
one of the big here is that i had about dot
all technology companies and probably all companies
to slow down dramatically as they grow
but if we can focus at every step along the way and moving quicker
then you know maybe when where
whom were around twenty five hundred earth three thousand people now
you may be we we moved as quickly as
your company that only has five hundred people right because we've invested so
much in
in building up e infrastructure and tools wilson culture that tells people
take risks in try things out and
i think that that ability to uh... to build stuff quicker
uh... will be a big advantage for us and will help us build better products of a
long term
we really are focused
on users first and for the long term right we believe that if we
though the product where people can connect and to express all the things
that they want about themselves
that over the very long-term will
will have a lot of people
doing that because that's a course human thing where people want to do that
it'll be very active in
will have opportunities to sell advertising and do all these things
build agree business but none of that is the is the leading thing that were
pushing for
or pushing for is that his mission we think that if we succeed or not they
want to build a great business
if tom
icelanders the score part of people
within one or two sparse things about themselves so the question isn't what do
we want to know about people it's
what do people want to tell about themselves
one of the the the court things that first of all of this is that
i think that
proved this point still the vast majority of people
don't want to share everything
joins washer anything went with with everyone publicly
if you give people tools that they can share with
just their friends or
just one group of friends people
due to learning process to where
when when social networks were first ramping up on the web
some people shared few things to probably but i think that
that's park the reason why i think this because groan as i think they spoke
largely existed
after that difference during the my space is a very of
the social web
at a point where people were already sophisticated enough to real estate you
know i wanna share different things with different people
of any use these parts the controls the feast because given me that this was
really the first company
but his biggest bilbies controls
so that you can share things with chester friends or can
sure vacation photos from my family deficient just family if i want her i
can do all these stupid things and i think that's one big enablers the real
for me is
two people
have the tools that they needed
in order to make those decisions well ban
i think that
it's actually really important that face book continually
makes it easier and easier to make those decisions because the demographics of
people who are using face book are changing as well try we started off with
these people in college right for you
use computers every single day
and now
units were up to
eight hundred million plus users
we have people using this site
who it's one of the only things that they do on a computer and maybe they're
computer savvy redder they don't
have they don't spend a lot of time trying to figure out
approxi control so what we've done
in the last year's we made it so anytime you go to share anything
the president roles now right there and it says
exactly here to share with
uh... if if you're gonna be shown publicly there's a little globin it says
the word public in
between we share with friends there's
this icon of the few people in it in says the worst friends you can just
click and you can change that really easily every time you post anything
back we're getting started seven years ago i don't know if that was necessary
college students and early adopter tech folks
just have this intuitive understanding of how the service worked but now
i think that
the boundaries it's getting
more and more important to be increasingly clear and give people those
enom that's or trying to do and i don't think we're the and i think we're gonna
need to keep on making it easier and easier but that's our mission right and
we we have to do that because
not if people
feel like they don't have control over how they're sharing things then
then were failing and we're making it so they can share a lot of stuff that they
want to
and we're trying to build products for everyone in the world
you don't want to get isolated to do that
we have a very open culture at the company where
we foster a lot of interaction between
not just me and people but between everyone else and it's an it's an open
floorplan people have these desks where
no one really has an office uh... niver room where andy with people but it has
all class of everyone can see insurance see what's going on
how much think i think that
elections really connected to the mission of the company
i think that more
flow of information you go to stay connected to more people
makes people more effective this people uh... man
and that's true
socially it makes you have more fun credited it feels better to be more
connected to it all these people you have a richer life
how something in terms of during work
and terms of learning and evolving as a person
you just grow more when you get more people's perspectives and when you're
when you're more connected have more of a flow for people so
hello i think that that's really good i mean we we are really try to lift the
mission of the company
antibody that for the company
and keep everything else in my life extremely except
inability thinkin in some ways is more is more competitive and certainly is
is trying to build
their own little version of placement but um...
you know when when i look at amazon apple
and i see companies who were extremely aligned us britannia
uh... and
we have a lot of conversations with people at both companies
i'm just trying to
figure out ways that we can do more together and there's just a lot of
perception there and i mean i can't think of an apple product renowned zon
product if if apple or google wants
to build a product
uh... they typically go build
if face book wants to make it so that
you know we were culpa rethink the way the people listen to music or watch
when we do we build a platform on top of which people cannot can act
and we enable
all these different companies dozens of companies to plug and i'm companies that
are big companies computer for small companies things they don't even exist
buying a company or sony company is necessarily a good or bad thing
actions of the key thing we need to realize is that
when you go through
a transaction like that
what you are changes
uh... if you're now owned by someone else
your goals are going to
your quickly or over time become their goals right so they're actually
but a lot of compelling reasons why someone would sell a company
and why would advance their mission
i'm i think for for example you chip might have been a good uh...
edited version of this artwork i mean they had this huge expanses in google
fun division has grown and that's that's a different i think there are really
good product
um... maybe it's it's hard to tell blending along the acquisitions that we
make it face book
you we we look it great entrepreneurs other were building things
and often
the acquisitions are given to him
to really by their compare what they're doing it's to get
the really told to keep you out there trying to build something cool and so
you know
if you join face book you could work on this completely different problem isn't
this a more important problem
for the people who answer the question yesterday joining aom
and also we've had much success so far
in all of my
friends who
you have younger siblings were going to college or high school
unlike number one piece of my sister schindler the program and i think that
in the future all kinds of jobs are not even just read engineering jobs but all
kinds of jobs that are involved some element of programming
and on
i'll just look at
you know when i was at in school
uh... i remember the average salary
in engineer one of my my computer science class right scott
it stop
at least fifty percent maybe even double in the last
seven years since i was since i was in school
and the reason is that
the economy is is shifting and there are more companies that are growing better
but it is technology and software focused companies and
the skill set of begin to write code is so highly in demand
ends the amount of engineers who were graduating isn't growing at a fast
enough raised
that i'm the people who are there justin
and more demanding to pay part
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Mark Zuckerberg Interview - Chairman & CEO Facebook

2111 Folder Collection
赫蔡 published on February 13, 2015
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