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Welcome to How To Cook That I am Ann Reardon and today we are going to make make a chocolate
pinyata cake.
This cake is just a chocolate shell stuffed full of lollies. It is a perfect alternative
for people who can't have wheat or eggs and it is a fairly easy project to make.
First we are going to make our cherries to go on top. Put some tempered chocolate into
a bag, cut off a tiny bit off the corner and then use that to pipe stalks onto some non-stick
paper. It doesn't matter if they are too long because we can trim them up later. And cherry
stalks tend to be a little bit bent over at the top so you can try and replicate that
with your piping just starting on one spot and piping across and down.
Leave them to set. Take some aluminium foil and pinch it up to give you like a squashed
mountain going across and then pinch it up a second time so that it leaves you with a
thin valley down the middle. Fill the valley up with jaffas and then pinch off either end
so that you're basically jamming all the jaffas together in a line so that they'll hold their
Then using a knife trim the cherry stalks so that they are all a similar length.
Pinch another line of foil so that you are making a support for the stalks while they
are setting, so this one needs to be higher than the previous ones.
Then put a tiny drop of chocolate onto the top of each of the jaffas Pipe a tiny drop
of chocolate onto the top of the jaffas and add a stalk on top of that just gently resting
them against the foil so they have got support while they are setting. Then just leave them
at room temperature to set.
Now to make the 'cake' looking part I am using a disposable plastic lid from the top of a
cheap purchased cake that you can get at the supermarket. If you are making this for a
friend or family member with coeliac disease then you need to wash it really well with
hot soapy water so there are no traces of gluten and then they dry completely before
you use it with the chocolate. If your supermarket doesn't sell cakes with these sort of lids
then you can always use a container or a bowl as a mold. Just watch the tutorial on making
tall chocolate bowls to get all the tips on how to do that.
Using a spoon I'm just spreading it up the sides to make it look like drips
And for this part of the cake I am using tempered chocolate. Tempered chocolate means that it
is heated to specific temperatures so that the fat crystals set in a formation that is
strong. Because of this the chocolate is crisp at room temperature. If you do not want to
temper your chocolate then you can use fake chocolate instead, if you are new to this
channel then just click on How To Cook That to go to the channel there is a video there
on tempering and another on what chocolate to use that explains the difference between
fake and real chocolate. You can eat fake chocolate it just has a different fat structure
to it. I am using the tempered real chocolate as I said for this part. And I am going to
use fake chocolate on the sides. Once that dark chocolate is completely set we need to
make the sides. Make sure that it is not too hot when you
put it on because you don't want it to melt the 'drips' that we already made. Swirl the
container around to spread the chocolate the whole way around as evenly as you can.
Once that is set we want to add some extra chocolate around the bend to reinforce that
area. Then hold it up to the light to see if you
have any thin areas that the light can shine through, these are spots that are too thin
and will probably break when you try and take it out of the mold. So just reinforce them
with a bit of extra chocolate over those areas and leave that to set. Then refrigerate it
for about half an hour before we tip it out.
Loosen it from the mold by carefully pulling on the sides. And now it's time to fill it
with lollies
If you are making this for someone with coeliac disease or other allergies make sure you also
check the ingredients on your lollies so that they are ok for them to eat too. I just let
the birthday boy go down the lolly isle and choose his favorites for this cake. On a different
note I have been doing some recipe experiments this week and was wondering if you get musk
sticks or banana lollies where you live or are they just an Australian thing? Let me
know in the comments if you can get them or if you've had them before and your overseas
and know that you can't get them is there something that is a similar texture to those
lollies where you live because I want to use them in a recipe that is coming up.
Now you can place a plate or cake platter over the top and then invert it. Make sure
it is centered and then remove the mold.
To add your cherries just put a little drop of chocolate and then put your cherry on top.
To make them all evenly spaced them evenly I like to put one on one side and one on the
opposite side and one in the middle and then two between each of those. So that each quarter
has two in the middle of it.
Then to make our chocolate drips look Next take some more chocolate and to make our drips
look more 3D and real we are going to put some chocolate again just in a ziplock bag
with a corner cut off and just gently pipe some extra drips at the base of our pretend
drips of chocolate. Now this is not a cake that you cut, it's
a cake that you are going to need to smash, which is all part of the fun.
Next week we have a cake for Adam,
Alex, marissae007,
clara, videostuffwhich is cool,
julia, tiny stegosauraus,
jen fire light, kassandra,
Amal, vulcan detective,
Christianna, Annie
and everyone else who has requested Dr Who it's going to be huge cake. SO make sure you
join us.
You can leave your requests in the comments below and I'll see you next week, Bye.
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CHOCOLATE PINATA Birthday Cake HOW TO COOK THAT gluten free egg free Ann Reardon

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vivian published on February 11, 2015
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