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SKIPPER: Attention, this is your captain speaking.
NARRATOR: You know the Penguins of Madagascar.
But what you don’t know is that they’ve been leading a double life…as secret agents.
Their untold story began as four brothers…
PRIVATE: Are you my family?
KOWALSKI: You don’t have a family and we’re all going to die.
PRIVATE: What? SKIPPER: What’s the matter with you, Kowalski?
NARRATOR: …who grew up to become masters of disguise, espionage, and aerial assault.
SKIPPER: Follow me, boys! We’re going in hot.
No one likes a show-off, Private.
NARRATOR: Now, when it comes to stopping a madman--
DAVE: I have the power to destroy you!
NARRATOR: --they’ll have some competition.
SKIPPER: What the heck is going on?
CLASSIFIED: Remain calm, Penguins. You are now under the protection of the North Wind.
SKIPPER: We don’t even know who the heck you are!
CLASSIFIED: The North Wind is an elite undercover interspe—
SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly] CLASSIFIED: The North Wind is an elite underco—
SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly] CLASSIFIED: —task force—
SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly] CLASSIFIED: --dedicated to he—
SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly] CLASSIFIED: [Quickly] --dedicated to helping
animals who can’t— SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly]
CLASSIFIED: —help— SKIPPER: [Crunches loudly]
CLASSIFIED: —themselves. SKIPPER: [Crunches more loudly than ever]
NARRATOR: This November…
SKIPPER: We got a soggy madman to stop.
CLASSIFIED: I give the orders around here.
You were supposed to handcuff them!
SHORTFUSE: But they don’t have hands! They just have flippers!
And—And I have flippers! So it’s flippin’ useless!
NARRATOR: When the world needs saving— DAVE: After them!
SKIPPER: All right, boys. It’s just like Cuba, Venice, Rio De Janeiro, Dusseldorf!
KOWALSKI: We’ve arrived in the center of Dublin, Ireland.
SKIPPER: We gotta blend in. Riverdance! [Riverdance music plays]
KOWALSKI: We don’t need these guys.
NARRATOR: …become legends.
SKIPPER: Penguins are our flesh and feather!
If anyone’s gonna save us…it’s us.
NARRATOR: From the creators of Madagascar…
CORPORAL: He hacked into our system!
SKIPPER: Debbie!
EVA: Where’s the sound?
KOWALSKI: Dave, your microphone, it’s not on!
CLASSIFIED: Click on the button with the picture of the microphone.
SHORTFUSE: Every time a villain calls in, this happens.
DAVE: Hello? Hello?
KOWALSKI: Well, now we can hear you, but every—we cannot see.
SHORTFUSE: Every time.
CLASSIFIED: [groans] Oh, it’s like talking to my parents.
NARRATOR: Dreamworks’ Penguins of Madagascar.
SKIPPER: We need to find intel on Dave’s location! All right, you, where’s Dave? Give us the goods!
KOWALSKI: Sir, that’s a baby squid. [Squid crying]
SKIPPER: Sorry, laddie.
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4657 Folder Collection
古佳蓉 published on February 10, 2015
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