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  • I’ve been broken up with a couple of times.

  • Lots times.

  • I’ve never been broken up with.

  • I’ve been broken up with.

  • No, yeah, I’ve been totally. (laugh)I have been totally broken up with.

  • I think most of times I’ve done the breaking up.

  • But this last one, I got broken up with.

  • And it was really devastating.

  • I was pretty convinced this guy and I were dating.

  • And then he told a mutual friend of ours that we were just friends.

  • And he was sorry I misunderstood the situation.

  • And he never talked to me about that.

  • So he was driving from New york like preparing to break up with me.

  • And I was like lighting candles in the hotel room.

  • And like you know filling the tub with bubble bath.

  • And buying his favorite beer.

  • So we both had very different ideas of how that night was going to end.

  • And we both had to stay in that hotel that night after he broke up with me.

  • We were together for four and a half years.

  • And hebroke up with me over the phone.

  • The shittiest way someone has broken up with me is by showing up on a red carpet with another girl.

  • Yep.

  • I didn’t make it clear that I was breaking up with him.

  • So I told him that I wanted to slow down and to take a step back to being friends.

  • And I thought that he knew what that meant.

  • And then, a…week or two later, he was like.

  • You want to be done dating”, “I wish you just said that.”

  • And it was really bad.

  • This one time I was talking on the phone with a boyfriend.

  • And he was telling me.

  • He just got a power drill and he kept like whirring it in the background.

  • And at some points, I said. “If you do that one more time, I’m hanging up and I’m never speaking to you again

  • And he did it.

  • And I hung up.

  • And that was our break up.

  • I refused to talk to him ever again.

  • I basically like was running after him.

  • And he thought that I wanted to get back with him.

  • And instead, I broke up with him.

  • And I took the keys my apartment from him.

  • It was really bad.

  • I think like he was in bad situation in his life.

  • And I…dumped him at his worst.

  • And I think for him, it was like everything was crumbling.

  • And the last thing that was going to fall was me.

  • When they can’t laugh when things go wrong.

  • I know that not all situations when things are going bad can you laugh at.

  • But I think it’s a sign.

  • When instead of finding a way to kind of bond together.

  • Against whatever the bad thing is that happened.

  • You turn on each other.

  • You stop getting excited to see them.

  • That’s kind of when you know youre really not interested.

  • So it’s very intangible.

  • But you know when somebody just doesn’t like you…, for youanymore.

  • It’s over.

  • I think it’s really hard.

  • I mean you just see a person that youre really close to and you probably really love.

  • And you try to overlook a lot of things all the time.

I’ve been broken up with a couple of times.

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