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  • So, college isn’t turning out quite like I thought it would.

  • For those of you who have been watching, you know that a couple months ago, the dean, who’s evil,

  • kidnapped my roommate Betty,

  • to feed some brain devouring hungry light under the earth.

  • I thought I could save my roommate,

  • and instead, all I’ve managed to do is get my friends brainsucked and kidnapped

  • and my heart broken by my sociopathic vampire roommate,

  • who’s probably the only one who’s gonna survive any of this.

  • Also, I’m pretty sure I flunked out.

  • The worst part is that if I just sit here and do nothing,

  • itll pass me over.

  • I could be safe and go home to my dad.

  • And all I’d have to do is accept the fact that I don’t understand the world and that I can’t change it.

  • And that even trying would be throwing away my life for nothing.

  • It’s time. It’s time for the party. I have to go.

  • Calm down, sweetie. There’s no party.

  • There is and it’s now!

  • The party

  • The party.

  • Laura, you are not helping!

  • No, I mean the party. When Carmilla did the translation, she said

  • their world narrows to celebration. But what if it was supposed to betheir world narrows to the celebration”?

  • Is there a bright light at the party?

  • Yes. Party light. Glittering

  • And do you know how to get there? How to get to the party?

  • I have to go.

  • I won’t try and force you.

  • There’s no way that we can win.

  • We might not even be able to make a dent.

  • I am supposed to be planning a post-midterms brunch and

  • hassling my best friend because pipettes make crappy stocking stuffers.

  • Some things are more important than whether you can win.

  • So sometimes you stand up anyway.

  • [Perry nods in acknowledgement[

  • Um,

  • Dad.

  • If youre watching this,

  • [Perry begins untying LaFontaine]

  • sorry for all the stupid things that I’ve done.

  • And I love you.

  • And Carmilla,

  • if youre watching this, then

  • you know.

  • [Laura, LaFontaine, and Perry leave]

  • [Later; Carmilla is watching the video]

  • Goddamnit.

  • Of all the imbecilic,

  • idiot, suicidal

  • You just had to go and get yourself eaten.

  • Oh god, youre somewhere getting eaten.

  • [Danny enters]

  • Where the hell is Laura because this isn’t funny.

  • What?

  • I just got a text. “Trapped in basement of old chapel. Come quick. Bring stakes.”

  • The Dudley Chapel.

  • The Lustig Building! Theyre under the Lustig Building!

  • Youre being serious? This isn’t a joke?

  • Only the part that’s happening right now, Xena.

  • Okay.

  • Get down there, rustle up your Brobdingnagian sorority sisters and- and get to the Lustig.

  • Hell, even tell the Zetas that’s where the missing bros are.

  • And where are you going?

  • To do something really stupid.

  • Is that thing still running?

  • Yeah, I think were supposed to be filming our soppy heartfelt goodbyes or something.

  • Screw that.

  • Good call.

  • See you at the violence.

  • [Danny and Carmilla leave]

  • So, a completely unexpected thing just happened.

  • [Laura, Danny, Betty, LaFontaine, Natalie, Perry, Elsie, and Kirsch are gathered in Laura’s room.]

  • We won.

  • We actually won.

  • We won.

  • And Carmilla’s dead.

So, college isn’t turning out quite like I thought it would.

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Carmilla | Episode 34 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella

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    Casandra Huang posted on 2015/02/09
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