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So we survived the research trip!
Which we should probably never speak of again.
And here is our haul! One gnarly Sumerian book from before time began and..
The rescued digital consciousness of one JP Armetos, junior records clerk and Silas student, class of 1874.
[plugs a USB into the computer]
Say hi to the Internet, JP.
Because somebody really did get absorbed into the library catalogue.
Although, how he got sucked in, like, a hundred years before the catalogue was digitized…
We really need to find you a better interface.
turns out JP has helped us before.
Remember the truly stellar search results and timely warnings for us to flee from our last trip to the library?
All courtesy of JP.
According to JP, there was a rash of disappearances in 1874 as well.
And although he didn’t have an electron microscope to suss out the brain parasites,
he did get way further along than we did with his research into the luce esurientem
or the hungry light
and the cult of vampires serving it, AKA the dean’s special council.
It even found reference to this special Sumerian tome that’s, uh, supposed to have a section on it.
Which is what he was searching for in the subbasement when he got…
Well, wonder librarian
better have more than just hungry and eats girls because that pretty much describes everything in this book.
No, but there’s gotta be something…
No. Mm, no. Yuggoth,
raised with twelve virgins, burned at the stake… Um… Khalos,
sprinkled with the blood of…
Smeared on the roots of the sacrificial tree…
Niar Logoth
prefers the livers of virgins. Force fed nothing but red wine for 96 days…
Thirteen year old boys have so much more subtlety.
Yeah, that’s the problem with horrors from beyond the dawn of time. Their lack of subtlety.
Though it is pretty cool that you can read Sumerian.
Eh, 1871 was a dull year.
I decided to read Gilgamesh.
[knock at the door. It’s Perry]
Oh, good. You’re all still here.
Um, because I saw Laura’s last video about going to the library and I thought I’d just…
check to make sure you weren’t dead. And you’re not.
So, that’s fine.
[Perry leaves]
She’ll come around. You’ll see. ‘Cause…
you’re awesome
and we would literally be nowhere without you.
You know that, right?
Come on, JP.
Let’s you and I hit my homunclid anatomy course and see if we can figure out anything about these parasites.
Great. And we will keep reading the giant Sumerian tome of do not want.
[LaFontaine leaves]
thanks, by the way for coming with us to the library.
I thought we were never speaking of that again.
[chuckles nervously]
You came along ‘cause you wanna know what happened to her, didn’t you?
‘Cause you’re hoping that you can save her somehow?
Don’t start expecting heroic vampire crap from me, cupcake.
If I know better than to mess with my mother,
I sure as hell know better than to spit in the eye of something old enough to think it’s a god.
Besides, the wench is dead.
So are you.
Doesn’t seem to be putting a dent in your social life.
if you want me to stop having heroic notions about you, you should probably stop saving my life.
Then who would buy the cupcakes?
[The next morning]
There is just nothing like a good night’s sleep. Right, sleepyhead?
I mean, I did dream about that weird black cat thing again, but I think that’s just my subconscious being weird.
This morning, after a long night of fruitless research, it is more fruitless research.
[Carmilla sighs]
This time for my final Lit paper, on which I am woefully behind.
If anyone had told me before college that fighting evil required this much paperwork, I would not have believed them.
[Perry enters]
Where is she?
Because if she thinks this is some kind of joke, that she’s trying to teach me a lesson,
it is in such incredibly bad taste.
Where is who now?
Susan. Uh, LaFontaine.
And I know that she’s mad at me, but that is just no excuse for all this.
LaFontaine isn’t here.
What? No.
No. She has to be. It has to be a joke.
What has to be a joke?
Her room was a mess and this was stapled to the door.
[Laura reads the note]
Dear student: your nosy little friend no longer attends Silas University because
she meddled in things that were none of her business (B)
did you really think we wouldn’t find out what you were up to (C)
we are ancient and terrible (D)
none of you are safe; we’ll take anyone we want.
Exit procedures have commenced; no action on your part is required.
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Carmilla | Episode 27 | Based on the J. Sheridan Le Fanu Novella

1322 Folder Collection
Casandra Huang published on February 9, 2015
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