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  • See? Blood. In the milk container. In my creepy roommate’s milk container.

  • So, she’s gotta go, right?

  • I mean, this is like, a death threat, or a health code violation.

  • And the time has come for Carmilla to go.

  • Well, there’s no denying it’s a little odd.

  • Odd? That’s where youre going with this?

  • How many people you know take Type-O with their Chokoa Crunch?

  • Okay, LaFontaine, you know youre not here in an official capacity.

  • So, as Laura’s actual floor don

  • [overlapping] Are you really gonna try and pretend this isn’t a total freak show?

  • We haven’t even given the roommate a chance to explain herself! For all we know it could be

  • some kind of, like, protein supplement.

  • For extreme hemoglobin deficiency?

  • Youre not helping.

  • I know you wanna pretend the weird here’s all Doctor Seuss, Perr, but in my world the alchemy club

  • press gangs test subjects in the caf.

  • As this floor’s... *unofficial* truth speaker, I’m gonna tell frosh she needs to wise up if she intends to survive.

  • Oh, see, surviving. Yes. I like that plan. And in order to do that, we need to get rid of Carmilla.

  • Well, it’s not that I don’t understand, but don’t you think you oughta talk to her first?

  • A lot of problems can be solved through good communication.

  • A lot of problems can also be solved by taking hair and blood samples to figure out

  • exactly what kind of freaky it is youre dealing with.

  • [flustered] Oh, wow. Oh! Thatokay, hmm.

  • I’m a bio major.

  • Okay, if you can’t help me, should I go to the Dean?

  • Well, that’s really not a good idea.

  • Yeah, better just handle this yourself.

  • By complaining to the Dean you’d probably just draw attention to yourself and you don’t want that.

  • They could stick you with someone much worse and you don’t wanna end up with some

  • draco-pyromaniac, you know?

  • I’m sorry, “draco pyrowhat now? What’s that

  • Besides, your old roommate will be back soon and then Carmilla will have to move out.

  • It’s a distinct possibility.

  • It’s what happened with all the other girls who disappeared.

See? Blood. In the milk container. In my creepy roommate’s milk container.

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