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- What's up? What are we gonna get done today?
- Ummm...
How do I tell him what I want him to do with my hair?
Like, shorter.
Like the same shape but with less hair.
Is that stupid?
(sighs) Whatever, it'll grow back.
I wonder if my hair smells bad.
Can hair smell bad?
How would you know?
Is he making conversation because he thinks I want to talk
or because he actually wants to talk?
Does he realize we had the same exact conversation
last time I got my hair cut?
How much do you tip a barber?
Should I Google it?
Can I Google it without him noticing?
It's weird that hair is just always growing.
Like it's always just slowly oozing out of me.
I have an itch on my nose, should I itch it?
I just moved my hands under the sheet.
Did it look like I was just touching my penis?
Alright, I'm just gonna touch my nose
so that he knows that that's what I was
trying to do in the first place.
What do they do with all the hair on the floor?
Do they throw it out with regular trash?
Or do they have to throw it out in a special trash,
like with cans of paint and batteries.
I always just throw my batteries in the regular trash.
He's really spending a lot of time on that part of my head.
He didn't do that on the other side of the head.
Do I have a weirdly shaped head?
Ok, he's showing me the back.
It actually just looks like the back of my head.
Would I know if it didn't look good?
Maybe I could cut my own hair.
I mean, how hard is it?
I bet I could cut my own hair.
Thank you very much
- You're very welcome.
You want some dreads,
you want to get some extensions in there?
- [Man] Yeah
- You wanna get some cute shells.
- [Man] Shells are nice, I like shells.
- [Barber] Shells we can do.
- [Man] Can you do shells on hair that's this short?
- [Barber] You can get, like, a little
thing in the back right here.
That'd be kinda cute right?
Like, what about a look like this,
like, all, like look, if you were bald, look at this.
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Thoughts You Have While Getting A Haircut

27081 Folder Collection
Eating published on August 14, 2016    Clément translated    Mandy Lin reviewed
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