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♪ (old school video game music) ♪
I feel like this is gonna be a peaceful game.
Does it stand for anything, or is it just P.T.?
Perfect Trees. That's what it's called.
Sounds like Physical Therapy.
Post Traumatic.
Pretty Terrifying. Is it a scary game?
Let's do this.
I just have a really weird feeling that this is gonna be extremely scary.
I hate scary. I don't want it to be scary.
(reading) "Watch out. The gap in the door...
it's a separate reality."
(reading) "The only me is me. Are you sure the only you is you?"
Sounds deep.
(gasps) Oh my god. I moved the thing
and I thought I was a bug.
That's a cockroach. Wait, two cockroaches.
The graphics are phenomenal.
Oh, god. This is gonna be a scary-ass game, isn't it?
- Oooh! - (door creaks)
Graphics are good. It looks like a real house.
It's fancy.
(radio) On a Sunday afternoon...
Oh, it's a radio.
(radio) The day of the crime, the father went to the trunk...
It's almost midnight.
Someone's been drinking.
(radio) This brutal killing took place while the family was gathered at home...
- Oh, wait. No. - (radio) ..on a Sunday afternoon.
This looks like a party. This is a murder scene.
Can I just go? I just wanna go home!
I don't wanna-- I don't wanna do this.
(radio) The day of the crime, the father went to...
- ..the trunk of his car... - They're saying things.
..retrieved the rifle, and shot his wife as she was cleaning up the kitchen.
This is kinda scary.
Fun radio noises. It's talking about shooting your wife.
(radio) His six year old daughter had the good sense to hide in the bathroom,
but reports suggest he lured her out by telling her it was just a game.
(radio) The mother, who was shot in the stomach, was pregnant at the time.
That's not creepy at all.
Someone murdered his entire family.
Oh, okay, you're gonna make me go down into the dark basement.
Of course. Of course. Why would I think anything else?
- (door creaks) - (gasps)
- Oh. - (door shuts)
Wait...oh no.
- (door creaks) - Did I just go through here?
(door shuts)
Okay...I'm going in circles.
I just went through a door and I came back the same way.
That's weird!
Okay, this house is owned by a married couple.
(gasps) Oh my god! That scared me!
It's a coat rack.
So I have to go through the same fricking door again,
except it's closed this time.
I don't--what did I miss?
- (pounding at door) - (whimpers)
(pounding grows louder, closer)
Oh no!
- (pounding at door) - Ugh!
- Oh [bleep]. - (pounding at door)
When you see a pounding door that means open it.
Nope. Nope. Can't go in, I guess.
What the heck do I do?
Everything's locked.
What? It's on the ground.
It was someone's face.
It's a clue. R3.
Whoa. So R3's to zoom in.
Oh, so is it teaching me to zoom in?
Oh, okay.
(door swings open, creaking)
No! No!
I don't think that door was open before.
(sing-song) Let's go down again.
(door creaks open and shuts)
This is annoying.
The thing's not on the floor anymore.
- (door swings, creaks) - No.
(door slams)
- (door swings, creaks) - Let me in.
- (loud thumps) - What's going on? I feel like some--
Oh, now that door is open. Okay.
- (creaking) - I can't! Ugh! I can't do it.
Come on, it's just a video game.
(gasps) Ew. No. I don't do cockroaches.
- (wailing) - I hear moaning.
- I hear a baby crying in that room. - (baby cries)
I hate children!
I can't just look in there. I can't just--
(baby wails)
OH NO! Oooooh god.
- (baby wails) - (gasps)
Just kidding.
(door slams)
That ran some shivers down my spine.
Oh-oh! [bleep]! (nervous laughter)
I need to get closer.
(baby wails)
Can I go in?
What was that?!
And that door opened.
Oh. I'm gonna have nightmares for a week.
- (door creaks open and shuts) - Back in the same room.
Not gonna lie. A little on edge right now.
A little spooked.
Ew, that's an evil laugh. No thank you.
(gasps) What the [bleep] is it?!
Oh, god...don't make me do this. Oh my god.
Oh no!
Just go, just go--oh!
(whimpering) There are bugs everywhere.
This is one hand mode right now. I can't. Ugh, oh my god.
I might start crying right now.
There's gonna be something else around this corner.
- Oy. - (door slams)
(door creaks)
Have I ever told you guys how much I hate being scared?
There's a flickering light. Oh, it's a bathroom.
Oh, a flashlight. Can I pick it up?
(gasps) I can't do it! I really--oh my god!
(dripping water)
- Oh no! No, no, no. - (dripping water)
- (door shuts) - Great.
I'm sure the door shut. I just--(groans)
- I can't get out! - (footsteps)
Who locked me in?
It's like a peephole.
Somebody is watching me while I'm showering.
Oh my god. Oh my god!
What is that?
(creaking, baby wailing)
Ooh, my baby.
- (doorknob rattles) - Oh, someone's trying to get in.
- (baby cries) - Oh, Jesus.
Something's coming and I don't wanna know what it is!
I don't wanna see it!
My heart is really pounding right now.
(door creaks open)
The door just opened. I'm gonna go out.
- Uh... - (door creaks)
I like scary games like this though because there's a story behind it
and you have to search for answers.
Door's open. Here we go again.
I'm the biggest baby when it comes to this stuff, honestly.
- (door opens, slams shut) - Aw, man!
I still have no idea the premise of this game.
- (radio) ...Opened the door today-- - Other than scaring the crap outta you.
I hear weird sounds. Weird sounds.
(murming on radio, odd noises)
It's over here. Is there something in the wall?
I don't know, man.
I thought something was there.
OH! No, no, no!
Oh! [bleep]! Ahh!
What the--oh, god.
- (thumping noises) - Oh!
Am I dead? I hope I am.
- I just want this over. - (ripping of flesh)
Is she eating me?!
- Um... that was interesting. - (crunching)
I think I died. I lost?
That was horrible! Why would you make me do that?!
Oh, wait...I'm waking up again?
I thought it was over. I was so happy.
What the hell is this?
Is this how many days he was in here?
That's like a brain or something in there.
- (rustling) - Oh, it's moving!
- (gruff voice) I can do nothing but walk. - It's talking!
(gruff voice) Watch out for the door. It's...a separate reality.
The only me is me.
- Are you sure the only you-- - Is you? Oh.
It's the lines from the beginning. Interesting.
Still have no idea what that means.
And out the door to the same thing?
- (door creaks) - Yup!
(inhales sharply)
Can't see anything. It's dark.
Gouge it out. (gasps)
Oh my god!
Pretty sure the lady is killed.
Did he gouge her eye out or something?
It's like a puzzle game, okay.
The X--gouge it out.
Blue? What's blue?
Blue X, X-Men. It's Nightcrawler's blue.
- (squelching noises) - Ugh!
I pushed the X.
- (door opens) - Oh!
X. Oh, X! Oh.
Oh my...no, no, no, no, no!
- (door creaks) - And it gouged out the eye. Okay.
And then the door opened.
(whining) How many puzzles are there?
I don't know how much more I can take.
Oh, Jesus.
(reading) "Forgive me, Lisa. There's a monster inside of me."
(door creaks)
- (baby wails) - Now there's baby noises.
- Bathroom's locked. - (baby squeals)
- (glass shatters) - (screams)
Oh! Oh, god.
Is there something new?
(glass shatters)
- Looking for clues. - (glass shatters)
Oh, hi.
- Checking-- - (glass shatters)
(gulps) I'm good.
(glass shatters)
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- (glass shatters) - Oh, f--
Oh, man. No. Okay.
Climb out that window and we're home free.
(reading) "I can hear them calling... to me from...where?"
Here I go again.
Oh, god.
(exhales sharply)
- (squishy noises) - [bleep].
(grunts) Red light... that doesn't mean
anything bad's gonna happen.
This is so weird! (gasp)
(radio) After killing his family, the father hung himself with a garden hose.
The father hung himself? I don't wanna look up.
(sucking through teeth) Uh, okay.
That's a refrigerator...hanging from the ceiling, pouring blood.
That's gross.
Ugh. I--no.
Well, then. I'm just gonna keep going.
- (door creaks) - And now this is red.
This game sucks.
- (baby wails, squeals) - I hear a struggling baby,
like a baby in panic mode.
- (baby screaming) - Stop crying.
I feel like I have to go back in here now 'cause the baby's crying.
Do I have to check up on you?
- (baby cries loudly) - Wait, you're not making that cry.
- What?! - (baby shrieks, wails)
Oh my god. It sounds like it's upstairs.
- So there's another baby in the house. - (baby's wailing intensifies)
- (baby shrieks) - Oh.
(baby shrieks)
Why is there a fridge?
I think the baby's in the refrigerator.
What to do? What to do?
What am I looking for?
Look for clues, Scooby Doo.
I don't know what to do!
(baby shrieks)
(reading) "I can hear them all calling me from..."
The phone!
Calling--(gasps) The phone!
That's what the guy's voice is on. The phone!
"Hello." Why does it say hello?
Oh, whoa, whoa. Hello.
Okay, that's really scary.
- Hello? - (baby shrieks)
(laughter, baby shrieks)
Hello to you too.
(gasp) Oh, I get it. The letters are going away.
Going from one side to the other. It's a new clue.
(reads) "I hear them calling for me..."
So the word "hell" is in the word "hello".
(reads) "They're calling me from..."
I gotta go back.
There was missing words from this one.
Okay, so we're gonna go boom.
(baby shrieks)
(nervous chuckle) Okay.
Now I gotta go to the--
Now it's gonna say "hell". Right?
- (baby shrieks) - Uh...hi.
- I can-- - (baby shrieks, door unlocks)
Oh my goodness. What's going on?
I just heard someone laughing. That's not chill.
(echoing laughter)
- (baby shrieks, laughter) - Who plays games like these?
(shrieking intensifies)
You hear a door unlock, you solve the puzzle.
I'm going down. Okay. Let's go down to hell!
Oh, great!
I just wanted this game to be Peaceful Trees.
What happened?
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Bye, guys!
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P.T. [PART 1] - Silent Hills (Teens React: Gaming)

1800 Folder Collection
張寶敏 published on February 8, 2015
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