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Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Popsicle Cakepop Tutorial where I'll be showing you
how to make this gorgeous little cakepop that looks just like a popsicle ice cream.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I'm resting my ice cream popsicle cakepop in a polystyrene block.
I've got a pair of scissors. And a zip lock bag.
A couple of popsicle sticks. I've got my cakepop balls. Now these are quite
large so I'm using 2 regular-sized cakepop balls. And I'll be showing you how to make
this lovely shape. This shape here I've already pre-refrigerated just so that we can get through
the tutorial nice and quickly today. I've got a little bit of melted dark chocolate.
Some sprinkles. A little bit of melted white chocolate.
A knife. And a spoon.
Obviously, you guys can change this design up. You can make it different colors, different
designs. I'm just showing you the basic idea. So let's get started.
Now the first thing that we we're going to do is we're going to make our basic shape.
So you want to take your 2 cakepop balls. And this is really just to give you an indication
of how much cakepop mixture we're using. So I'm just squashing them together and we'll
just roll them into 1 big ball. And it's really quite simple here. It doesn't
even need to be a particular perfect ball. Just take your hands and just flatten it out,
I guess, into a bit of a big flat circle. I like to just slap it down on the bench just
to give it a nice defined edge. And then you just want to take your fingers, leave one
of the edges exactly as it is because that's so a really nice sort of a shape for the top
of your popsicle. Don't worry if you've got a few little cracks like this around the place.
But do try to pick your best edge. So I think this top one here is going to be nicest.
Now with this, you can see the size that I've flattened mine out to. So with my popsicle
sticks, you really don't want this to be too small or looks a little bit funny. So you
want this to sort of come down just over half the size of your popsicle stick.
So I'm just going to just push that down. We're just flattening it down. You also don't
want this to be too thin, this sort of a way, because otherwise when you do try put your
popsicle stick in, you risk cracking the cakepop. So you can see there, I'm really just patting
it and shaping it. Now when I'm happy I've got roughly the size that I need, I'm just
going to slap it down on the bench again. Beautiful. I'm just going to round that top
nicely with my fingers so that I'm really happy with that shape. And then I'm going
to take my knife and I'm just going to slice across the bottom there.
Perfect. So I'm looking at that. That's pretty good but if you want to elongate it anymore,
you can just sort of push it down 'til you're happy that you've got them all the same size.
Now I would make all of this together so that you make sure that you got all the same size
popsicle top [or] bits of your ice marks. That can now go into the fridge, and you want
it in the fridge for about 15 minutes until it's completely set. So you want it to be
really really nice and firm. So like I've said, we've got one here that's
been pre-refrigerated. So we've got our popsicle sticks and these are really really widely
available...craft stores. You should be able to get them pretty much everywhere. I'm just
going to dip that in about an inch or so into that dark chocolate. And then I'm going to
leave my popsicle on the bench, and I'm going to come right down on eye level and slide
in the middle. Slide that popsicle stick in. now you can see there I'm actually supporting
it with my fingers on the top. And that's just to make sure that I don't push the popsicle
out of shape and it doesn't crack. So here you've got it... I sort of slid this
stick into about here, so about ¾ of the way up. Now pick it up off the bench. And
you just want to just wipe your finger around the edges so that you don't misshape your
popsicle at all. So you should have something that looks like that.
Now, you want to let that chocolate seal completely set. Once that chocolate seal is completely
set, then you can dip it in your dark chocolate. So I'm just going to pop mine back into the
fridge just for a couple of minutes until I'm happy that this little chocolate seal
is completely set. Alright, so we're back from the fridge and
that chocolate seal has now completely set. So it's time to dip our popsicle. Now I'm
just using dark chocolate, but as I mentioned, you can use any color combination you like.
You just want to take that. And you can see, I'm using quite a deep container. I'm actually
using a cup because it's a nice deep container so that I can get my popsicle all the way
down because it is a little bit longer than usual. So I'm just going to dip our popsicle
in. I'm just going to tilt it from side to side to make sure that I've got my chocolate
covering all the way over the base of our popsicle, and then I'm going to pull it out.
Now I try a couple of these and the easiest way is to tap this off is just hold it upside
down and just tap your wrist. And don't be too tempted to turn it or twist it like we
usually do because I found that I didn't get a really even distribution of chocolate. And
because we know that our decoration is going to go on the top here, if you do end up with
a little bit of streaking or anything like that, it's all on the top and it gets covered
up. Alright, so I'm pretty happy that we've got
most of our excess tapped off. Now once you finished tapping, just turn it up, and a couple
of quick taps on the wrist just to distribute any of that excess up at the top there. And
you can see there, we've got just a little bubble or a little bit of a ball drip chocolate.
Don't worry about that. We're going to be putting white chocolate on anyway. And now
you just want to take it and we're just going to sit it in the polystyrene block or whatever
it is that you're using to dry your popsicle. We're going to let that completely dry and
then we'll come back and we'll finish our decoration.
Alright, we're back. That one's completely dry, so touch dry. And it's time to decorate.
Now you want to take your zip lock bag and just spoon some of that white chocolate in
there. and we're just using a zip lock bag today just get those nice little drizzles
of white chocolate. Just push the chocolate down to the corner of the zip lock bag. Make
sure that you seal the bags so that you don't end up with chocolate spilling at the top
and ruining your work. And then we're just going to cut just a bit of a tip off. Now,
it doesn't really matter how big or small ones. It's going to be quite sort of chunky
because it's not fine detailing. And the beauty of this is that, I guess, the messier they
look, the more authentic they look. You kind of want this to look like it's all just dribbling.
So now I'm just going to... I'm just holding my bag at the top and I'm squeezing it. And
then I'm going to move, I'm going to squeeze it again. So you can see I'm sort of not squeezing
now, squeezing as I get to where I want a big dollop to be, not squeezing, and then
squeezing. So make sure that you fill in all of your little sides. Turn it around, do the
other side. And just coming around. Make sure that you're also filling the top so that you've
got quite a bit of that white chocolate on the top.
And then, you want to hold it completely upright and just tap your wrist. So as you tap your
wrist, you can see there, and if I turn it around, all of that chocolate is just drizzling
down really nicely. It gives you a really nice, smooth drizzle. And it makes it kind
of look a little bit haphazard. Now working quickly so that your white chocolate
doesn't dry, just take your sprinkles and just sprinkle them on. Because we've let that
dark chocolate completely set, it's only going to stick to your white chocolate and it will
just fall off your dark chocolate. These are fabulous for so many occasions.
They're great for baby showers, they're great for kid's parties, [colorful] events, beach
parties, summer events. They're just so versatile. They look amazing and they're a little bit
of a surprise food. So they kind of look like a popsicle but really they're a cakepop.
So there you've got your gorgeous and really really simple popsicle cakepops or cakepops
in disguise. I hope that you guys have loved watching this
tutorial. And as always, thanks for tuning in to My Cupcake Addiction.
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Popsicle Cakepops! Make Ice-Block Cake Pops - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

1184 Folder Collection
cathy~ published on February 8, 2015
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