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[theme music]
[computer beeping]
-Morning, Renfield.
-Your breakfast, Master Vlad.
And the post.
-This screen shows the exact position
of every person in the school, even you.
-Who, me?
-So who's this?
Bertrand was right.
There is a shapeshifter in this house.
And it's with Malik.
That's me.
ELISABETTA (VOICEOVER): The fun's nearly over.
Just two more deaths, and you will sit on the Dracula throne.
-I'm well aware of that, Mother.
ELISABETTA (VOICEOVER): Don't take that tone with me.
-We got her.
ELISABETTA (VOICEOVER): You can't back out now.
We came here to destroy the Draculas.
-You did.
I've finally found my father.
Have you any idea what a big deal this is?
the cheating rat who abandoned us.
-If you hurt my dad, I will dust you.
ELISABETTA (VOICEOVER): You'll regret this.
THE COUNT: Who was that?
-My mum.
-That thing was Elisabetta?
Well, she really hasn't aged well.
-She's a shapeshifter.
He's been working with her, trying to dust us all.
-It's true.
But I changed my mind.
VLAD: You can't trust him.
He's a ruthless killer with-- with no morals--
-That is why you need me on your side.
With Mum after you blood, you're going
to need all the help you can get.
[bell ringing]
VLAD: Bertrand knew about dark forces.
Hm, shame somebody staked him.
MALIK: Actually, that was me.
Well, me and Mum.
Bertrand was onto us, so we tricked Vlad into staking him.
[laughs] What?
It's a classic wind-up.
-He's completely psychotic.
-Oh, he's a chip off the old stake, all right.
So what's your plan?
-Bertrand had books on shapeshifting.
We need to find the most boring tome.
ERIN: "Fangstastic at 500."
Oh, "An Illustrated Guide to Transylvanian Bog Maggots," oh.
-"Doing the Bite Thing: Morals and Ethics for Vampires."
This is impossible to decipher.
THE COUNT: Put it down.
Oh, "On the dark art of shapeshifting."
Vladdy, you're a genius!
-It was written by an ancient slayer who
fought with a shapeshifter and won
by developing an alchemical formula
which trapped it in one body.
RENFIELD: What's the formula?
Crystallized pyretheum?
Oh, these are very rare ingredients.
-Just do it!
You and you, help him, and do exactly as he says.
-Not him.
I'm not having him anywhere near it.
THE COUNT: This is no time for bickering.
We need that formula, before she strikes again.
-I'll help you.
-No, no, you stay with me.
-But I can protect you.
-At times like these, I need Vlad by my side.
RENFIELD: Keep on.
Another few hours till it's produced.
Coming along nicely.
I think Master will be pleased with my progress report.
Ah, ah, ah.
You keep stirring, hm?
Oh, and whatever you do, don't allow it to boil.
-Vlad's still the Count's right-hand man,
and you're just the kitchen boy.
-Not for long.
-You may be the oldest son, but you'll never be Count Dracula.
Not until you take down Vlad.
And I know something that would crush him like that.
MALIK: Do we have to play this game?
Because I only play on the winning team.
-As soon as the anti-shift's ready,
we wait for her to show herself.
Then I go out and trap her.
All you need to do is stay here and tell me where she is.
VLAD: We could be waiting here for hours.
How's the anti-shift formula coming along?
-Oh, well, it needs to be stirred on a very low heat--
-Would you just tell us?
When'll it be ready?
-Everybody's so touchy this morning.
-What's this?
I-- I did mention it.
-Renfield, this is marked Urgent.
-Yeah, well, I was-- I was--
JONATHAN (VOICEOVER): Dear Vlad, by mind-wiping the slayers,
you failed me and our friendship.
Why should I trust you again?
-I need to go out.
I won't be long.
-Oh, yes, don't worry about me.
I'm only under attack from a murderous nemesis who's
been plotting revenge for the last 400 years.
-We can't do anything until the anti-shift is ready.
You'll be safe here.
You'll know as soon as she makes a move.
Just sit tight.
And don't trust Malik.
-Miss McCauley.
What are you doing here at this hour?
-Hi, Mr. Count.
Preparing for the practical year 11 chemistry exam.
-Oh, practical chemistry, my favorite subject.
-Oh, it's not mine.
But I've got to cover until Mr. Bertollini gets back.
-Mr. Bertollini?
Oh, didn't he tell you?
He's gone home.
To Italy.
-Well, he didn't say anything.
-No letter of resignation.
-Well, I expect he blames me for his accident.
These Mediterranean types are so, uh--
[glass breaking]
-He might have called, or--
I'm sure we'll find another science teacher.
If there's anything else you need--
RENFIELD (ON COMM): Come in. Come in.
Come in.
-A state-of-the-art--
RENFIELD (ON COMM): Come in, over, Master!
-Photocopying thing.
RENFIELD (ON COMM): Come in, Master!
-Excuse me.
RENFIELD (ON COMM): Come in, Master!
-The shapeshifty thingy!
Oh-- uh-- it's-- it's coming after me!
THE COUNT (ON COMM): All right, all right.
Stay where you are.
It's in the room!
-Save yourself, Renfield.
I'll take care of it.
Go, go, go!
-Over and out.
[electricity crackling]
-I told you--
-I told you to stay put.
-No you didn't, you told me to go out, save myself,
and you'd take care of it.
So what are you doing now?
What, what?
Talk sense, you dribbling flunky!
-No, no, no, no, you're in there, and now you're here.
[electricity crackling]
-What-- what-- what part of the word "shapeshifter"
don't you understand?
She could be anyone or anything.
And now thanks to you, we have no way to track her down.
-What do we do now?
-What Draculas do best.
-Run away.
-Well, second best.
We hide.
Mas-- Master!
-Stay where you are.
VLAD: I got your letter.
I've come to help, if you'll let me.
I know what I did was wrong, but we
were on the verge of total war, and I
was desperate to save the peace.
-You're actually trying to defend what you did?
-I made a monumental mistake.
but in a world without slayers, vampires are too dangerous.
We need you.
Please, let me know reverse the mind wipe.
-I trusted you once.
I don't like making the same mistake twice.
-You're not.
Let me start with your mum.
-All right.
-Mina, look into my eyes.
Balance must be restored.
Light to darkness.
ERIN (VOICEOVER): I like watching you fail.
-Life to death.
Slayers to vampires.
I can even feel your suffering.
-Light to dark--
ERIN (VOICEOVER): Broke down by a girl.
-This is your fault!
You linked us for eternity.
Get out of my mind.
VLAD: Awaken and know the truth.
[digital beeping]
-Jonno, what's he doing here?
JONATHAN: It's all right, Mum.
Thank you.
-Don't thank me.
The balance is restored.
The anti-shift's ready.
-Is that all we've got?
-I did say the recipe would reduce considerably.
THE COUNT: I'll reduce you considerably.
The shapeshifter grabbed me!
VLAD: Well, I-- I think we found our shapeshifter.
-She threw me in the slime pit.
-She's the shapeshifter, Master!
-Let's kill them both, just to be on the safe side.
Yes, Master.
-Yes, Master.
MALIK: There's not enough portion to waste on them both.
We'll do a simple test.
-Clean your master's boots.
-Where's the boot polish?
ALL THREE: Shapeshifter!
-Thank you.
MALIK: Father, quick!
In here.
-Where did she go?
Where did she go?
Ren-- Renfield?
-How many fish do you have?
-Just Kirstie.
-Now you've got two.
-Oh, hello!
Look at you then.
What are we gonna call you?
Shapeshifter, shapeshifter!
MALIK: Give me the anti-shift.
-Trapped forever.
Well done, my son.
-I think you should leave.
-It's not up to you.
-Why would you want to stay, anyway?
-I told you, I love to watch you suffer and fail.
-It's over.
The mind link is broken.
You have no power over me anymore.
-You think?
THE COUNT: Yes, we managed very well without you.
-I told you not to go after her until I came back.
-Thanks to Malik.
Lucky I've got one son who sticks
around when I'm in immortal danger.
-Oh, it wasn't Master Vlad's fault.
No, he had-- he had a very urgent summons.
And you think little things like that
are more important than me?
I don't think so.
-Mr. Count, what's this?
-Dried leaf infusion.
I believe that's what you like to drink.
Should I, uh, be Mother?
-Thank you.
-How is it?
-Thank you.
[knock on door]
-Mr. Bertollini, I thought you were in Italy.
Why would you think that?
-No, I-- uh, I'll, uh-- I'll, uh-- just-- aaah!
Freshen the pot.
Hot pot, hot pot, coming through.
Ow, ow, ow!
BERTOLLINI: Do you mind if I-- yeah.
So, I, uh, I came to as you a question.
-Possibly the most important question of my life, in fact,
Miss McCauley.
Do you mind if I call you Alex?
-Uh, whatever you like.
Alex, would you do me the great favor
and allow me to go on a six-month sabbatical?
Uh, why?
-The video I did of Desmodus rotundus,
I sent it to the Royal Bat Society.
Well, the thought it was really exciting.
-Well, um-- well, you must seize the opportunity, of course.
-Alex, you're quite a woman.
I'll never forget you.
-Do you want to know a secret?
What's the price?
-Just promise me you'll use it to destroy Vlad.
THE COUNT: All the slayers?
But they remember nothing?
What, nothing at all?
-Every last one.
We've been living in a slayer-free world for weeks
Why didn't he tell me?
-Maybe he wanted to keep all the juicy breathers to himself.
I don't know.
-What's this about mind-wiping the slayers?
-I removed it.
-No, no, no, no.
You removed the mind wipe?
-We need slayers.
Without them--
-The most powerful would prevail, as it should be.
-If it ain't broke--
THE COUNT: How can you deny your own heritage?
-I'm not.
But we need to evolve beyond endless cycles
of biting, war, and revenge.
[sigh] Look, if you will just reinstate the mind wipe,
we'll forget the whole thing.
-I'm not doing that.
-If you don't, Vladimir, I will never, ever forgive you.
I see.
Make preparation for the rite of investiture
It's time I formally recognized the heir
to the throne of Dracula.
-Oh, congratulations, Master Vlad.
-No, no, no, no, not that one.
The other one.
He is no son of mine.
[blows horn dissonantly]
-Would you please stop?
Haven't you got a floor to lick clean or something?
[pounds sword on floor]
INGRID: The writing was on the wall
from the moment you brought that cuckoo into the nest.
-You think I don't know that?
-We are gathered here today to reward
loyalty and punish treachery.
-You're making a mistake.
THE COUNT: Yes, it hurts, doesn't it?
To be betrayed by your own flesh and blood?
-If you make Malik your heir, you're
signing your own death warrant.
-Do you swear eternal loyalty to your liege lord?
-I do.
THE COUNT: Will you guard and protect me
from all enemies, whosoever they may be?
-I will.
-It's about time someone did.
Do you pledge to uphold the dishonor of the Dracula name?
-By all that is evil, I promise and swear
to fight the forces of goodness.
Never shall I yield to the temptation to do right.
[liquid bubbling]
-Bat milk toddy, Master Vlad?
Yeah, why not?
-Are you all right?
[strangled cry]
How could this happen?
-It must have jumped from the tank to the pot?
-(SHOUTING) I'll save you, Kirstie!
-Yeah, well, I-- I don't think CPR works on fish.
-Well, give her the kiss of life, then, you-- [smooching]
VLAD: It's too late.
She's gone.
My Kirstie?
-Are you sure this is Kirstie?
-(SHOUTING) Of course I'm sure!
-Oh, OK.
-I'd recognize her anywhere.
That cute little [inaudible] on her belly.
Hold on.
No, this isn't Kirstie.
Oh, well!
Waste not, want not.
-No, stop.
Well, it can't be the shapeshifter, either.
If it was a vampire, when it died,
it would have turned to dust.
-What is it?
A decoy.
Planted by Malik to protect his mother.
We've got him.
-Let it be witnessed by all here present that Malik Hellfire,
the Carrier Dracula, is my one and only anointed
successor and true heir to the throne
and title of Count Dracula.
-Too late.
Dead fish?
-So what is this supposed to prove?
-It's not a shapeshifter.
If it was, it would have turned to dust already.
MALIK: (LAUGHING) Desperate.
Tragic, even.
-I know your mum's still about.
I will find her.
THE COUNT: Do what you want.
I'll be having a drink with my son.
And heir.
To my new heir apparent.
-To the best dad in the world.
BOTH: Noroc!
[knock on door]
-Mr. Count, can I talk to you, please?
-About Mr. Butterbean-- er, Bertollini?
-I'll, uh, I'll leave you two to it.
-No, no, no, no, stay, stay.
Right, right.
Look, it was all a silly mix-up.
All I can do is apologize.
I'm so, so sorry.
MISS MCCAULEY: But I know why you did it.
-You do?
-You were trying to stop me making a fool of myself.
-As if you ever could.
-You're too kind.
But I'm such an idiot.
I've read the signs wrong.
THE COUNT: Well-- [clears throat]
We've all done that.
-I can't believe I wasted my time on him.
Mr. Bertollini was only ever interested in himself.
And bats.
THE COUNT: Yes, he was too blind to see
what a special person you are.
-Well, I think that's something we can all be guilty of.
THE COUNT: We can?
-After all, I've only just realized
what a kind and sensitive man has
been standing before me all along.
-Well, as they always say, there's-- there's plenty
more fish in the sea.
-The trouble is, this one's proving hard to catch.
M-- me?
No, no, no, no.
You mean-- you mean-- you actually like me?
I can't do this.
-What's wrong?
Look, I love you.
But it would never work between us.
I'm a-- I'm-- I'm too old.
-Of course you're not.
-And then there's my family.
-Whom I'm extremely fond of.
-I know.
I know.
Look, we're not like everyone else.
MISS MCCAULEY: Bit eccentric, perhaps, or dysfunctional,
-We're vampires.
Miss McCauley, I am a vampire.
-(WHISPERING) Nobody's perfect.
[romantic music swells]
-We'll run away together.
Buy a little castle somewhere.
I'll pretend to be a breathe.
I'll even give up biting!
I-- I-- I-- I don't feel very well.
[breathes jaggedly]
[machine powering up]
It's a bit bodged.
VLAD: The heat sensor is our only hope to catch Elisabetta.
[breathing jaggedly]
Did you miss me?
-Poisoned lipstick.
The paralyzing venom of the Moroccan fire spider.
An agonizing death, but a very, very slow one.
-Because I want you to watch while I destroy everyone
you care about-- first, your precious Miss Alex
McCauley, and then your entire family.
--[laughs] Aw, still playing with your toys, little bro?
-I'd speak with a bit more respect if I were you.
Soon Dad'll be baying for your dust.
-If he gets the chance.
-What have you done to him?
-A fitting end to our master plan.
I think his game might be over.
Good luck.
VLAD: Dad?
Right on cue.
I'll leave you to break the good news.
-What happened?
THE COUNT: [cries out]
No, no, no, wake up.
Don't do this to me.
[theme music]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 12 "Cuckoo in the Nest"

3727 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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