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  • Jealousy is a strong burning emotion, it's filled with lots of nuances. But the thing is, everybody experiences it.

  • But straight men, they do a little different.

  • Hey everybody, thanks for watching Dnews today. I am Trace.

  • Evolutionary psychology is kind of weird.

  • It's a bunch of highly-educated scientists looking at modern humans and applying Darwin's evolutionary principles to behaviors they observe throughout human history.

  • While there is research involved, it's kind of like educated guessing.

  • We can't go back in time to see exactly what prompted the adaptation resulted in something like jealousy.

  • But evolutionary psychologists can test how it work and guess.

  • For the people who've never experienced jealousy, to which I personally say, "what?"

  • Jealousy has its roots in envy, suspicion, mistrust, anxiety and protective possession.

  • It's usually attributed to relationships, and feels like a burning all encompassing emotive mess.

  • Evolutionary psychologists say this feeling has been part of humanity for like a million years, evolving when humans were still living solely in Africa.

  • Males were constantly guarding the social group and providing food while the females were maintaining social structure and raising offspring.

  • According to their hypothesis, male jealousy evolved to ensure that the females weren't taking resources and giving them to mates who weren't prioritizing their genes.

  • i.e. females who were thirsty for a side piece.

  • On the other hand, female jealousy, though originated from the same inner structures, manifested as anxiety over emotional betrayal.

  • Because her mate might take those hunting spoils and go split with his side piece.

  • That means fewer resources for her and her offspring.

  • Jealousy burns hotly in both men and women, but the cause is a little different.

  • It all sounds kind of twin-drama like, right? And yet studies over the years have confirmed both male and female jealousy do work in this way.

  • Now, a new study in the Archives of Sexual Behavior, the largest ever completed, claims they've confirmed yet again how jealousy works.

  • In this giant study of 64,000 Americans, they found that when it comes to sexual infidelity, straight men are the most heated.

  • Heterosexual men cannot abide when their partner has physical relations with another.

  • That being said, straight women, gay, lesbian, and bisexual men and women were all more concerned about emotional infidelity, or the idea that their partner might love someone else.

  • The lead researcher wanted to learn what the largest triggers of jealousy might be, and for whom those triggers are strongest.

  • And it turns out, only heterosexual men are not worried about their partner falling in love with another person.

  • They are more concerned with physical intimacy.

  • Of course, it also depends on how you ask participants the questions in studies like this.

  • An older study out of Northeastern found when presented with seven different types of infidelity,

  • rather than simply emotional or physical, the differences shrank between the sexes.

  • What about you? What would send you into a jealousy rage?

  • Go down into the comments and let us know what sent you off and make sure you subscribe for more Dnews.

  • Also, check out these other videos down here about the science of attraction. Thanks for watching.

Jealousy is a strong burning emotion, it's filled with lots of nuances. But the thing is, everybody experiences it.

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