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[music playing]
-Well, well. [inaudible] spray.
No pulse, you're good.
-Come in.
-Well, there are definitely more than last night.
-A smile wouldn't kill them.
-It's going to take time to drive out
that mix of blood lust and attitude.
-Wonderful news-- your fiancee, the princess Adze,
will be presented to you in five minutes.
I think it's time to ditch the breather trash, hm?
-He can't force you into this engagement.
Just don't show up.
-She's Ramanga's daughter.
I can't insult him.
I need his support with the High Council.
But I'll find a way to get rid of her.
-We'll find a way.
We're in this together.
--[shouts] Message from Van Helsing.
He's going to be late delivering the blood to feed the ferals.
-Why aren't we upstairs?
Why are we stuck in a classroom like a bunch of kids?
-The Draculas are hosting an important ritual.
-And they don't want us making the place look untidy.
-Is that why we haven't got our blood?
Vlad's too busy partying?
-Our supplies have been delayed.
-Not good enough.
-A suit?
-Well, jeans and a T-shirt would have
been seen as disrespectful.
Are you sure you want to be here for this?
-Are you kidding?
I want to get a proper look at the competition.
-There is no competition.
-Right answer.
COUNT: [laughing] A great day, old friend!
-Hm, the first step in joining together of two noble houses.
-Is this seat taken?
-It is now?
-Unless my senses deceive me, that perfume you're wearing--
-Is distilled from the flower of The Deadly Nightshade.
-The Deadly Nightshade is the emblem of my clan.
I had no idea.
-I present Princess Adze.
[music playing]
COUNT: Absolutely charming!
You're a fortunate man, Vlad.
-Now remember, the chosen couple must not meet again
until the blood tea ceremony tomorrow night.
So, what do you think of your new consort?
No need to answer.
I can see the desire in your eyes.
-What's the blood tea ceremony?
-Just part of the process.
All show, no substance, just like my engagement.
-There's a problem with the ferals.
[bats squeaking]
-Some of them have tried to raid the school nature club.
They're desperate for a feed.
I can't contain them for much longer.
VLAD: I'm sorry, do you want to go back
to dossing about in abandoned buildings
and feeding off stray cats?
Because, if you want a life here,
the only way it's going to work is
if you listen to Bertrand and me.
-If you can't deliver I'll find my own food.
-Lose the attitude Ryan.
-Stay out of it, breather!
-What are you talking about?
VLAD: It's not funny, Ryan.
-OK, bad joke.
Chill out.
VLAD: [inaudible]
-Yeah, well, persuading slayers to donate their blood
is turning out to be a lot tougher than we thought.
-We'll have to introduce the soya
blood earlier than I planned.
I'll get Renfield to start producing.
We're going to need volume.
-What's this I hear about your-- your fiance?
-She's not my fiance.
Bertrand, I'm going to need you to do some digging on Adze.
[music playing]
-It's all going to plan.
Nobody suspects a thing.
-What are you doing in here?
-Fancy a walk after dinner?
-Who was with you?
I thought I heard voices.
-Nope, it's just me.
-Let's get back to class.
Can't have you lot roaming around.
[music playing]
-You look positively malevolent.
-You say the nicest things.
-Eyes full of treachery, lips as cold as the grave.
Did I do something wrong?
-On the contrary, you've done nothing.
You agreed to help me get a seat on the High Council.
-I will.
You have my word.
-As what?
An evil, duplicitous vampire noble?
Hardly a cast iron guarantee, is it?
I think actions speak so much louder than words.
-Don't think you're meant to be up here.
-I heard there was a party.
Thought I might crash it.
I wish.
Just my brother's boring engagement.
-Well maybe we ca liven it up a bit?
-You love to stir things, don't you?
-It's part of my charm!
[door creaking]
-Adze's ancestry is without blemish.
She's the direct descendant of numerous kings
and princes going back centuries.
On paper she's the perfect match for you.
She wouldn't be interested in Vlad
if he wasn't the chosen one.
VLAD: Hm, thanks.
-I mean she's a mercenary, total grave digger.
Nail her in a coffin and post her somewhere sunny.
-If there are no skeletons in her cupboard, we create one.
JONNO: And we catch it on digital camera?
-Show the video to Ramanga and the Count.
VLAD: Adze's disgraced, and it's bye, bye engagement.
Sounds good to me.
ERIN: Usually my feminist principals
would have me questioning such a chauvinistic plan.
But, in this case--
-I'll give it a go.
-What, you think I'm punching above my weight?
-Before the peace, she was a traditional vampire.
Now, offer her dinner, and you could be on the menu.
-Look, I'm a trained slayer.
I can look after myself.
Look, I want to do this.
Vlad and Erin's relationship represents
the future for vamps and breathers.
I won't let anything destroy them.
-No, it's too dangerous.
-He'll be fine.
Like he said, he can handle himself.
-If anything goes wrong, you know what I'm saying?
Better dead than undead?
No offense.
-None taken.
-All right.
-Good evening, Princess.
For you.
-You know, if I touch them they'll wither and die.
-Not these.
They've been dipped in liquid nitrogen.
Like you, their beauty is frozen in time.
Well, are you enjoying your visit?
-It has its attractions.
-Yeah, this is quite an interesting old building.
-Look into my eyes.
-She's going in for the kill.
-We just have to sneak one shot.
ANZE: Look deeper.
ERIN: Vlad.
-OK, get in there.
-Well, Jonno, there you are.
Your mom's on the phone.
-A sensitive vampire, who knew?
-It's about dignity.
-Jonno put his life on the line and you're
worried about your feelings?
-We're busy, Dad.
COUNT: Well take a moment to insure those sewer rats who
attend your school leave the premises before sunrise.
I found her vagabond brother dossing under my desk.
And if I find him there again he'll be undead meat.
Well, not long now until the blood tea ceremony.
Your time's almost up.
-What did he mean?
-Ignore him.
But, if Ryan's taken to wandering about the school,
we need to find him before the breather kids arrive.
-I'll track him down.
-Not on your own.
-Uh, I can look after myself.
And you need to concentrate on getting rid of Adze.
-You haven't told her what the blood tea
ceremony really means, have you?
-No need.
It's not going to happen.
-All fixed.
[music playing]
-Princess, Vladimir Dracula sent me
to see if there's anything you need.
-I need distraction.
RAMANGA: I mentioned your candidacy to the president,
and for the next 10 minutes I couldn't get a word out of him
because he was laughing so hard.
-It's going to take a while.
You'll be overturning centuries of tradition.
-You've got two weeks.
-So delightfully unreasonable.
-I just have faith in your powers of persuasion.
-The rewards will be great for both of us.
Are you spying on me?
-I like to think of it as looking out for you.
He's got to be 600 if he's a decade.
INGRID: Apparently he's 515, unless you
think he lies about his age.
I'm playing the long game.
You wouldn't understand.
-Well, you might be surprised.
The "Magnus Fabula?"
-It's the history of the High Council,
so I'll know if Ramanga is lying to me.
So I don't need looking out for.
-Yeah, but isn't it good to know you've got backup just in case?
[music playing]
ANZE: [laughing] Could you teach me?
-You've just been fed.
-Bottle fed, like a baby!
-They could hand you over to the slayers for this.
-Better not tell anyone, then.
-Why won't you listen to Vlad?
You'd have a much better life.
Why do you think he's so special?
He's about to dump you for a princess.
-You are where of the allegations
Vladimir has made against you?
-Well can you off any defense?
-I was alone and bored?
So you threw yourself at my friend?
Wh-- I-- I refuse to marry someone who--
who goes off with the first guy that flatters her.
-But this is as good as it gets!
She's your perfect partner.
COUNT: I see no grounds to cancel the engagement.
-Nor I.
-Well, until the blood tea ceremony.
Who does that Dracula brat think he is?
-Once he has bitten you at the wedding,
and given you the powers due to the wife of the chosen one,
then you may take your revenge.
-Yes father.
-But in the meantime, could I sharpen
my fangs on his girlfriend?
-A direct assault could be too easy placed at your door.
-Tell me about this brother of hers.
-I don't know why this is such a disaster.
OK, setting up Adze didn't work, because in your weird vampire
world your girlfriend cheating on you is a good thing.
Uh, why am I getting the feeling there's something I don't know.
-See you at class.
-The blood tea ceremony isn't as meaningless as I made out.
Dad, Ramanga, Adze and I all have
to drink blood from the same cup.
And once that's happened a solemn promise has been made.
If I break off the engagement after that,
Ramanga and his entire clan are honor
bound to hunt me down and kill me.
-Haven't they heard of relationship counseling?
-I'm really sorry.
-You need to stop thinking you know best--
lying to me, putting Jonno in danger.
You know what?
Maybe this is too difficult.
Maybe for the sake of the peace treaty
you should just go ahead and marry Adze.
Um, I don't-- I don't really mean it.
[music playing]
-Jonno, what is it?
-I was ambushed by a vamp.
Unless your ferals have developed a taste for Corn
Flakes, we're going to have to feed them.
-You need to go to the classroom.
Tell Bertrand to keep them calm.
Come on.
RAMANGA: Were you successful?
Did you get the proof we need?
-Your soya blood, master Vlad.
Where's the rest of it?
-That is the rest of it.
-You're kidding me!
Well, soya blood doesn't grow on trees, you know.
Although technically it does I suppose.
-Look it's a long process.
You said I had three days. l only had one.
-You can't suppress their natural blood lust, Vladdy.
Your grand experiment is going to end with a flurry of murder
and mayhem, as I always knew it would.
-It's Miss McCauley.
They'll tear her limb from limb.
[inaudible] Hurry, hurry!
[music playing]
-Uh, can I help you?
COUNT: Brilliant plan, Vlad!
No one can resist the allure of a full bodied Spanish contessa,
or a robust Prussian Archduke.
-Oh my god!
-Sip it!
Sip it!
Relish the high notes of paprika and that delicious essence
of fear infused in the very moment the victim
knew they were to be drained.
[music playing]
-Oh, sorry.
I only drink soya blood.
And, as we all have to sip from the same cup--
-For the sake of your engagement,
Ramanga and I are willing to suffer
the indignities of your veggie option.
VLAD: Ah, that's a shame, because Renfield's only
produced a few spoonfuls so far, not enough to go around.
-Actually, master, I forgot I kept back half a bottle
from the old suppliers for a-- for a special occasion
such as this.
Now obviously when I go to full production
we won't have to rely on such substandard--
VLAD: Very thoughtful of you, Renfield.
-Oh, thank you very much.
[music playing]
-[speaking latin]
I object.
COUNT: How dare you desecrate a sacred ritual?
Throw her out!
RAMANGA: Continue with the ceremony.
We'll deal with her later.
-Dad's right.
Such an-- oh, an outrage should be addressed right now!
-Then waste no more time.
Put her to death along with her street scum brother.
-No one touches her.
What about her brother?
-By his actions, her brother has brought about the chosen ones
plans for peaceful coexistence to the brink of collapse.
A breather has been attacked.
It was a female slayer, one of their observers.
And this was found at her side.
Her brother's, I believe.
-Well that's the same jacket the vampire
who stole the blood supplies was wearing.
RAMANGA: His crimes go on, and on, and on.
-Who's been a naughty boy?
-It wasn't me.
I-- I swear it my-- my jacket was stolen.
-No, he's telling the truth.
He hasn't attacked any female slayers.
After I found him, he came up to my room
and spent the whole time sleeping.
He only left an hour ago.
COUNT: You-- no one will take your word.
-I believe her.
RAMANGA: But the proof-
VLAD: Just goes to show that someone is trying
to frame Ryan and destroy the peace.
There's plenty here who'd like to.
But for now let's assume it was renegades.
I need to talk to the slayers, assure them
that the treaty is still in place.
-You can't go now!
-What about the ceremony?
VLAD: Under these exceptional circumstances,
it'll have to wait.
[music playing]
-This is war.
[music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 4 Ep 3 "Storm in a Blood Cup"

3130 Folder Collection
yi published on February 7, 2015
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