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Hello and welcome to Cupcake Addiction's Ombre Layered Push Pop Tutorial where I'll be showing
you how to make this gorgeous layered Ombre push pop or cake shooter.
Tools and equipment that we will be using today:
I always like to rest mine in a polystyrene block.
I've got my push pop containers. Now this can be bought... I usually get mine from eBay.
You shouldn't pay more than about 60 cents to a dollar for one of these. 60 cents or
50 cents is about what I pay for them. And these can be used either with stick or you
could pull the stick out, use it without the stick and just sit them straight on the table
if you don't have a push pop stand or container. I've got 4 ombred cupcakes. So I've used just
a standard vanilla mix. You can either use your favorite mix or you can use a store-bought
packet. And I've colored mine in 4 different shades of pink.
Now to do this, I evenly divided my vanilla cake mix or my white cake mix into 4 different
bowls. And I added first of all the lightest color, just a couple of drops of pink food
coloring and then I doubled the amount for each color thereafter. So I added, I think,
about 3 drops to the first color, 6 to the second, about 12 or so to the third and so
on until I end up with my really dark color. So the thing with ombre you want to remember
is there's a really slight color difference between the layers, not a drastic color difference.
So just make sure that your first one is very light, your last one is very dark, and the
other two are slightly spaced in the middle. I've got some white sprinkles. Now these are
really optional. I have to choose them for a bit of texture on the top of that push pop.
Once that I've gone with just white nonpareils. I've got some of our perfectly pipeable buttercream
frosting in vanilla or just plain white. I've got some of mine in a zip lock bag which
I've prefilled and I've just cut a decent-sized little tip out of the end.
And I've got a little bit more of it in a disposable piping bag with a star tip, so
any sized star tip but it's just going to give us our lovely little swirl on top.
I've got a serrated edge knife. I've got a little circular cookie cutter.
Now for the circle cookie cutter, I've used the size that is almost exactly the same size
or just a touch bigger than that push pop. I always like to cut mine in a circle shape
first and then pop them into the push pop which just gives me a neater finish.
And I've got one of our premade fondant butterflies. Once again, purely optional, that's just to
add a little bit more detail. We've got a whole tutorial on these butterflies on our
channel My Cupcake Addiction. So we'll make sure to leave a link to that in the description
box below. Now the first thing that we're going to do
here is we're going to trim off the tops and bottoms of our cupcakes and take them out
of the wrappers. So you just want to unwrap all four and then you want to take your serrated
edge knife and you're just going to trim the top and trim the bottom just as little as
you possibly can get away with just to trim off any brown that sits on there.
So you can see there, once we've cut away our tops and bottoms, the color of the cupcake
is really quite apparent. Pop your off cuts into separate bowls if you'd like to use those
for some ombre layered cakepops at some point. And what we want to do here is you just now
want to cut each cupcake in half. So for each 4 cupcakes, you're going to get 2 cakepops.
If you want to do a dozen of these push pops, you're going to need 24 cupcakes. There is
a bit of wastage so you will have plenty leftover to make some beautiful ombre or just plain
pink cakepops. Now from here, you want to take your cookie
cutter. So we'll get rid of the top because I'm actually going to make one push pop today.
Take your cookie cutter and just make a lovely circle out of each of those cupcake bases
or cupcake bottoms. And you can see there, by using the circle cutter, what I'm getting
is a really nice, neat, even finish around the sides. That's just a fraction bigger,
so pretty well the same size as the room of our push pop container. But it's going to
give it a really nice flash fit against the sides but it's still giving us a really nice
neat finish. So I'm going to have a little bit of a tidy
up and then we can come back and get decorating. Alright, so we want to take the bottom piece
or the darkest color. I like to turn it upside down just in case you've been a little bit
messy with the trimming there and just take that push pop container, push it right down.
What you get there is just a tiny, tiny, little bit of offcut and a really nice neat finish
on that push pop container. So just gently with your fingers, just push it down and you'll
see there that I'm actually turning the push pop container and that's just to make sure
that I don't break the cake and that it all goes down nice and evenly. It doesn't turn
on to its side or anything. So you want to make sure it's all the way down in that nice
little cup at the bottom there or the base. And then it's time for a little bit of frosting.
So taking that zip lock bag with some of that frosting... What you want to do here is you
want to push it right down unto that frosting, unto that cake layer so that it sticks. So
you can see there, I'm pushing my bag in and I'm actually going to apply quite a lot of
pressure. And just on goes a blob. Once that blob has gone on, I'm just going to use my
zip lock bag. And you can see there, I've just really pushed
it down unto that frosting. That's because we're going to turn these next piece upside
down. Turn your push pop container upside down and if that frosting is not stuck, the
whole blob of it is just going to fall off. It's not going to be too much of an issue
but you're just going to have to reapply it. Turn it upside down and the same thing -- so
just pushing it down unto that next color and push down your next color.
If you love this tutorial, make sure that you head on over to our channel My Cupcake
Addiction. Hit the Subscribe button. We upload 3 times a week and we would absolutely love
to have you stop by. As I push that down, you can see there, I'm
pushing around the sides and that beautiful little white layer divider of frosting is
just becoming ever so slightly apparent. So you don't want too much frosting because you
really want the cake to be the hero of these push pops.
So we're going to repeat that process. A little bit more frosting, pushing down nice and firmly
unto that layered cupcake and then just, just... I'm not even squeezing now. I'm just using
the tip of the bag just to really connect to that frosting to that second layer of cake.
Turn your next piece upside down, upside down with the push pop, and down she goes. Pushing
down, out comes our lovely little layer of frosting, and it's time for our last layer.
Now depending on what you want to do with your push pops here. If you want their lids
on, leave that last layer as it is. It's going to come ever so slightly out the top of your
push pop container. And when you pop that lid on, it's going to fill it absolutely perfectly.
So what you'll have there is... Stick it sort of on top. What you'll have there is you'll
have... See there the push pop coming into the lid.
If you want to do like I've done, leave the lid off, put a lovely little swirl on top,
a little bit of detail like a butterfly. You just want to cut a little bit off this top
section so that it's not quite so tall because you don't really want it coming over the top
of your push pop. So what we'll do is we'll frost first and we'll stick it in and then
we'll just trim the push pop off. So a little bit more frosting and on to our
-- I should turn it over -- on to our last color, pushing it down like so. And then I
just want to take the knife and I'm just going to just trim perfectly flash along the top
there. So you can see you've got now a really nice and neat finish to your push pop.
Now if you're going to go with my style, you want to take your piping bag and we're just
going to do one of our sundae-style swirls but in a smaller version because it's just
on a push pop. We've got a whole tutorial dedicated to how to perfect that cupcake-y
style of swirl on our channel so I'll leave a link to that in the description box below.
I opted to add a few sprinkles. It just gave it a little bit of texture, so like I said,
just some white, you could use some pink, some of our do-it-yourself edible sanding
sugar perhaps, anything you like. Now before you add your butterfly, turn your
push pop around because it's always going to have a best side. You can see there, this
side here, it still looks nice but we're missing a little bit of frosting in just a couple
of those sections. So turn it around so you've got your best side forward. For me, I think
that's right there. Take your little fondant butterfly. These one of butterflies, I've
made a couple of days in advance so they're really firm, really hard and really dry, and
they're not going to sag. They're going to stay beautiful and upright on top of our push
pop, and just sit it on top. So there you've got your completed ombre layer
push pop or cake shooter, perfect for any occasion. I hope that you've enjoyed watching
this tutorial as much as I've enjoyed making it for you. As always, thank you very much
for watching My Cupcake Addiction.
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Beautiful Ombre Push Pops! Make Layered Cake Shooters - A Cupcake Addiction How To Tutorial

1472 Folder Collection
cathy~ published on February 7, 2015
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