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Hmm, I think I could totally rock a Mohawk.
I don't wanna get out of the shower.
Holy shit! A whole clump of my hair just came out.
How am I not bald yet?
One day we're just going to not exist.
Oprah is just gonna not exist one day.
I wonder how many naked people have stood where I'm standing?
Holy shit! What if people have had sex in this shower?
I still have 10 years of student loans to pay off.
Wait, did I pay them this month?
Wait, which one of these is my loofa?
This is how we do it!
I could totally be a singer, that wasn't that hard.
Shit I thought...
Did I get a red one? I had a pink one before.
Why is blade the thing that's bad for you?
The blue one, the blue one is definitely mine.
What is Shea Butter?
Why am I putting things on my body that I don't know what they are.
Am I just a drone?
Is soap from the government?
What if Mary Kate and Ashley are secretly the same person?
That's not impossible...
Oh my god.
What is Beyonce doing right now?
What if she's showering too?
I bet you Beyonce only showers under waterfalls.
Hmm, wait how long have I been in here?
Can you bring my towel?
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Weird Thoughts You Have In The Shower

15027 Folder Collection
Gisele Sung published on February 20, 2015    Gisele Sung translated    廖詩愉 reviewed
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