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[music playing]
-Oh, no.
I was just admiring the-- visiting school's colors.
How come we guessed they were yellow?
-I believe you.
Thousands wouldn't.
Come with me.
I've got something to show you.
-I smell blood.
-(WHISPERING) Will you just come with me?
-Hi, there.
What are you two up to?
-Just going for a walk.
-Mind if I tag along?
-We're just going to spend some time
together, if you know what I mean.
-"Two's company, three's a crowd" kind of thing?
-Yeah, that sort of thing.
-Another time, then.
Could you tell us the way to the sports hall, please?
-Oh yeah, it's just down--
-I'm not doing anything.
I'll show you the way.
Follow me.
Catch you later.
VLAD: See you later.
Friendly Ingrid.
You know, I don't think I'll ever get used to that.
-This isn't the sports hall.
My mistake.
VLAD: Will you just tell me what's going on?
-I opened the book.
-That's not possible.
It'll only open for me.
There's writing!
-Told you I had something to show you.
-Why didn't you tell me?
-Because I was worried.
I didn't know which Vlad would come back.
I think the right one has.
-It-- it's some kind of ancient language.
-Can you read it?
-I can barely get my head around French.
Where'd it come from?
Is that what you did last time?
Last time, one of the bones nicked me, and some of my blood
dropped onto the page.
It started filling out like ink.
-I have to.
There might be a cure in there for Ryan.
Just-- just think about this for a second, OK?
I want to know what's in there as much as you do you,
but we can't mess around with these things.
-I'm not going to sit around and just wait.
-I'll find Dad or Bertrand.
One of them will know what it says.
If there's anything that will help your brother,
I'll find you and tell you everything.
-I promise.
Better get a mop.
These Garside uniforms are your disguises.
You won't all change at once.
It's to do with blood types.
All very complicated, not worth worrying about.
-What have you done to us?
-Given you a gift.
Made sure you all stay young and beautiful forever.
So you'll miss your families.
Well, get over it.
You know what?
They were only going to disappoint you anyway.
Well, mine have.
It's always hard adjusting to new situations,
but you're doing this for the greater good.
-What greater good?
-Vampiress liberation, of course.
Wear a skirt in my world and you might as well wear a sign
around your neck saying second-class citizen.
It ends today.
The revolution starts right here, right now
in this-- toilet.
We are going to start with the assassination
of Vladimir Dracula.
-Because he's the key culprit.
Soon he'll be so powerful, we'll never be able to oust him.
Find him.
Do it today.
Vampiress liberation!
-Vampiress liberation!
INGRID: It does not mean "loser."
-It means liberation.
Get changed.
You need to blend in.
-I'm telling you, there's writing.
There's some kind of ancient writing.
-For Billy's sake, can't you see I'm busy?
-Don't you want to sign it, master?
-It's supposed to be anonymous.
What stirs a woman's heart more than the notion
of a secret admirer?
By the end of the day, our delightful principal
will be head over heels in love with her mysterious Romeo.
And then I shall reveal myself to her.
-Is that legal?
-Are you still here?
-Oh, yes.
-Let me have a look.
There's text in the book.
-It's Aramaic.
-This is incredible, Vlad.
You've done it.
-But can you read it.
-Of course I can read it.
Get off.
I've just left my reading glasses in the study.
Bertrand, do the honors, will you?
-It's tricky.
Some of these words don't even have a modern equivalent.
Hear then the testament of the great and powerful Sethius,
Lord High Vampire, First among Equals, Destroyer of--
-That's it.
-That's it?
THE COUNT: Sethius.
-That can't be all.
-I'm telling you, that's it.
I know that name.
I must consult my records.
-It's working.
This is just the beginning.
The good stuff is yet to come.
You'll see.
[flies buzzing]
GIRL: Shame.
He's quite fit.
GIRL: Did you see that one?
GIRL: I know.
That was, like, the best show ever.
GIRL: I know. GIRL: I didn't see it.
GIRL: I know.
It was the best, wasn't it.
GIRL: I can't believe-- GIRL: I know.
I watched it.
-What happened with the book?
What did it say?
-Bertrand said it's about a guy called--
[bell ringing]
Dad's researching the name now.
-How do you know Bertrand's giving
you the true translation?
He's obsessed with the book.
He could be keeping the knowledge for himself.
-The only thing Bertrand is concerned with
is getting me to fulfill my full potential as the Chosen One.
But you're right.
I shouldn't rely on him.
I'll start learning Aramaic.
-In the meantime, I can get it to fill out some more.
-No way.
-It's not going to fill out by itself.
Ryan doesn't have time.
You didn't see him, Vlad.
He's just days away from being a full-blown vampire.
-I know, I know.
-I can't lose him.
I won't.
-If there's anything in that book, I will find it.
Trust me.
I'll check in with Dad, see if he's found out who Sethius is.
-Well, what exactly am I supposed to write?
-I have watched you from afar.
You drive me mad with yearning.
Soon I shall come to you.
Brief, poetic, and to the point.
Yes, that should stir her inner romantic.
-Why don't you want to write it yourself?
-Because I'm busy.
And because my penmanship is a little-- unmistakable.
Now write exactly what I've said whilst I
go and explore this Sethius business.
-Mine's a little unmistakable too.
-The Count won't want Miss McCauley
thinking her admirer is a two-year-old.
-I have an idea.
-I'm watching you.
I'm mad.
I'm coming for you.
You're up.
GIRLS: Vampiress liberation!
-What's up?
-I should have said this earlier,
and I'm sorry that I didn't.
But thanks.
-What for?
-For stopping Bertrand staking me the other day.
How's it going with him?
-I can handle it.
-I, um, hope one day I can do the same for you.
-Uh, thanks.
-Oh, thank you very much.
-They're not for you.
They're for Miss McCauley, the piece de resistance
in our little game of secret courtship.
The finest Swiss chocolates, best money can buy.
Now deliver them to her office immediately.
Once she's received these, she'll
be desperate to know who her mysterious suitor is.
Until then, I'll be in my-- study.
-You're going to eat one, yeah?
-Don't be ridiculous.
Well, maybe just the one.
[loud burp]
-The Count won't be pleased.
-Make you some more?
-Well, I do have a unique recipe.
-No assurance McCauley will appreciate your cuisine.
-Chocolate's chocolate.
She won't know the difference.
How hard can it be?
-There, Sethius.
I knew it!
I knew I'd heard that name before.
Look, look.
According to vampiric myth, he was
one of the very first vampires.
Apparently he'll be about 3,000 years old by now.
-That's the book.
-Perhaps he wrote it.
Instructions to reveal the source of his power.
It's obviously filling itself out slowly, piece by piece.
-There could be another four chapters in there by now.
-No, there won't be.
-Well, how do you know?
The book contains untold power.
Who knows at what speed it'll reveal itself?
[door opening nearby]
VLAD: Just don't get your hopes up, OK?
I'm telling you, you're wasting your time.
-Well, come on, then.
BERTRAND: There's more text "Worlds."
It's "Destroyer of Worlds."
Then it continues.
Heir of Destruction.
Creator of Chaos.
Lord of Misrule.
-How many titles does a man need?
-Sultan of Scream.
-Get to the point.
-Do hereby declare that the clue to unleashing
the power of the "Praedictum Impaver"
lies in the final page.
That's as far as it goes again.
-That's progress of sorts.
Let's come back later.
Perhaps there will be more.
THE COUNT: With our luck, he'll be
starting on the acknowledgements.
-Why don't we wait?
Watch the words appear for ourselves?
-Uh, no.
I want to find out more about this Sethius first.
We can come back later.
-Yeah, yeah, I'm coming.
I told you what would happen if I caught you here again.
-I'm-- I'm sorry.
I'll go.
I'm sorry.
It won't happen again.
It-- it's not what you think.
I-- it's not how it looks.
I-- I just-- I thought I could help.
-Go now.
-You can't let her go.
She's a breather!
-I know.
BERTRAND: You knew?
-Yes, and I don't care.
Which means you don't either.
Do you understand?
I'll do whatever I have to do to protect her.
-Someone at this school has started
a hate campaign against me.
I've received things-- a dead rose,
a threatening letter, chocolates covered in slime.
I'll have to hold an assembly, talk to the kids,
write to the parents.
I mean, I don't take any of this seriously myself,
but there are rules to follow.
-That may not be necessary.
-Why not?
-I know who sent you those-- things.
-Do you?
-It was-- Renfield.
I'm afraid he's developed a bit of a crush on you.
He said you were the most beautiful, captivating,
alluring woman ever to have trod this earth.
-He said that?
-Uh, well, in his own words, obviously.
Of course.
Who else would be insane enough to think anyone could possibly
like all those disgusting things?
-Yes, he really is-- quite the fool.
-I suppose I'll have to talk to him.
Oh, how embarrassing.
-Well, why don't I have a quiet word?
-Oh, I couldn't possibly.
It's not your problem.
-Believe me, it'll be my pleasure.
-Perhaps that would be easier.
Thank you.
Go gently on him, though, won't you?
-I know no other way.
[door closing]
Thought you were someone else.
-Is that a UV bomb?
-I don't know.
I think so.
Ingrid gave me it.
Are you another one of her recruits?
Am I too late?
Is he already slain?
-You mean Vlad?
-Who Ingrid asked you-- I mean, asked us to slay?
Vampiress liberation.
-Vampiress liberation.
Yes, right.
Um, Ingrid sent me to stop you.
She's called the whole thing off.
She has other plans for Vlad, plans
that he need not be disposed of for.
I didn't really know how this thing worked anyway.
Just be careful with that, OK?
We should get you out of here.
-I've never been in a coffin before.
I suppose I'll need one now.
Where do you get them?
-I don't know.
But right now we really should be leaving.
-This is too cool.
I always thought they'd be wooden.
Give me a hand.
Come on, I just want to try it.
-OK, try it.
-Come on, close it.
-Get your knees down.
GIRL: They are down.
-Then suck your tummy in or something.
GIRL: Are you saying I'm fat?
[glass breaking]
[power crackling]
-What do you think you're doing?
-Looking for something that tells us
who this girl really is.
-You know who she is.
-Do you think you can trust her?
We can never trust them.
There's always an ulterior motive.
-Not this time.
-Vampires and breathers, I've seen it all before.
It only ever ends one way.
-I told you to stop.
-You're not listening to me.
You've let a breather know we're here.
Do you understand what kind of danger that could--
[floorboard creaking]
-Oh, come on.
What are you expecting to find?
[knocking on door]
BERTRAND: You see?
You see?
VLAD: Don't.
Is it true?
Are you a slayer?
-But you have to understand, it was all for Ryan.
Ingrid turned him, so I came here to slay you all.
I thought it was the only way to lift the curse.
But then I met you, and you told me your plan.
I saw a better way.
I believe in you and your idea of vampires
and breathers living together.
Please, Vlad.
I'm asking you to trust me.
-He'll never trust anybody ever again.
Look at what you've done to him.
-Please, you have to.
I'm not the one you have to be afraid of.
She is.
Do you really think she's different now?
She wants you dead.
She's got a posse of vampire girls out there armed
with stakes with your name on them.
-Projecting your sad fantasies onto me
with this fictional posse of mine.
Your whole life is nothing but one lie after another.
-It's true!
You have to believe me.
-Why should I?
You only ever confide in me when you have to.
Ingrid's right.
All you ever do is lie to me.
-Don't tell me you're listening to her.
You know me.
-So you've never slain a vampire?
-I-- I never meant to.
-Get out.
I don't ever want to see you again.
[thunder rumbling]
[music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 11 "Hit Chicks"

2191 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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