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[music playing]
-Any sign of Vlad?
-I have searched the length and breadth of five counties.
And nothing.
You're back early.
Did you search properly?
-I assure you, Count--
-You assured me you'd be a good mentor to my son.
So why has he felt the need to go missing for a whole week?
[door opening and closing]
-If anything has happened to him,
the Vampire High Counsel and I will
hold you entirely responsible.
-Perhaps, I could, uh, go out and pin
some lost posters onto some trees.
-(FRIGHTENING VOICE) This is my son, not some missing monkey!
-If you're done, Miss Ingrid.
Is Ingrid OK?
-I wouldn't know.
I haven't seen her for weeks.
-Yeah, but--
[owl hooting]
Are you there?
[leaves rustling]
-I'm here, sis.
-Ryan, thanks so much for coming--
-Don't get any closer.
I can't trust myself.
-How are you?
I look a real state, don't I?
-No, it's just so good to see you.
-How are you getting on?
-Vlad's gone.
Ingrid's weird.
The Count and Bertrand are at each other's throats.
And I've nearly run out of stasis spray.
They could turn on me at any minute, so I left.
What is it?
-I'm only just hanging on here.
There's not much of the human part of me left.
I'd hoped you'd found a cure.
-I tried, honest--
-I know.
I know.
-I'll go back.
-No It's too dangerous.
-I'll be OK.
There's one more thing I can try.
There's a book.
It's special in some way.
If I can open it, maybe there's something in it!
-I hate asking you to do this.
-It's not your fault.
It's Ingrid's.
She did this to you.
-Mm, mmm.
-Oof, all I want is a hot mug of type O in my cozy coffin.
-It's, uh, Miss McCauley.
Uh, she's worried about Miss Ingrid
and, uh, wants to see you.
-Why is there no rest for the wicked.
-I saw Ingrid earlier.
She seems very down.
I wonder why?
-Well, from the very little I could get out of her,
she's got no sense of purpose, feels her life is meaningless.
-Hm, of course it is.
She's a girl.
-No, I was just saying, it's very
difficult raising a young girl.
-I can imagine.
I've got a friend, Dr. Seward.
She's a psychologist.
I could ask her to see Ingrid.
-Well, that would be so kind.
I'll be happy to sign any commital papers.
-That won't be necessary.
She'll come and see her here.
-Oh, of course.
One step at a time.
-Hello, you must be Ingrid.
I'm Dr. Seward.
But you must call me Joan.
Can I open the curtains?
-OK, shall we, um, shall we sit down?
OK, Ingrid.
Can you give me one word that best describes your life?
-I'm sure others don't see your life in that negative way.
What about friends and family?
-I don't have friends.
-I suck the life out of them.
-OK, let's talk about your family.
[music playing]
-You're so fat.
We could carpet the castle with one of your enormous dresses.
-Yes, and we could sandblast the stonework
with a whiff of your wormy soil breath.
-I hate you.
-I hate you more.
THE COUNT: Atilla and Crone!
What an unpleasant surprise.
What is that?
-Home sweet home.
-Nothing special.
ERIN (VOICEOVER: There's a book.
Maybe it has a cure if I can find it.
-This is my son, not some missing monkey.
Oh, Renfield, Renfield, come polish
my boots with your tongue!
-What do you think you're doing?
-Just bringing in your freshly washed cape, Master.
-Mm, well, now you've been wearing it
against your disgusting carcass, it's
going to need washing again, isn't it?
-Yes, it is.
-Mm, and when you finish that, you
can polish my boots with your tongue, can't you?
-Yes, I can.
-Can you tell me what you see when you look in the mirror?
-Do you mind if I tell you what I see when I look at you?
I see a girl who, for whatever reason,
has allowed herself to become detached from life.
And we need to-- we need to reconnect you.
What are you feeling right now?
-I can have that effect on people.
What else are you irritated at, Ingrid?
-I think Vlad's proved he's not a worthy heir.
I think it's only fair I should take his place.
-Don't be stupid child, girls don't inherit the title.
-Back to the tower room.
-Uh, I don't think so.
I'm the eldest.
I'm having that one.
-But I called it.
-In the hearse.
Well, I called it before you were born.
So kiss my cake.
-Please, this is very simple.
Vladimir will have the room.
I'm proud of you, boy.
At last, you're showing an interest
in violence and cruelty.
-I'm violent and cruel, Dad.
-But there's something very important you've overlooked.
-It's Vlad that I'm interested in.
-Dad doesn't call my brother "the Chosen One" for nothing.
-Oh, how do you get on with your father?
Tell me about your relationship.
-I wouldn't call it a relationship.
I'm a Dracula.
I'm far too evil for birthdays.
-So you won't want this card from your mother then.
You garlic muncher!
-Language, Ingrid.
-Ingrid is a born trouble-maker who
delights in causing as much disruption
to the class as possible.
-Oh, Ingrid, can't you see I'm busy with the future Count
Dracula here.
-But I'm the eldest.
I want to inherit the title.
-Mmm, Countess Dracula.
-Countess Dracula.
THE COUNT: That's a good one.
Oh, oh, the un-mortification.
Vladdie, I've forgotten your birthday.
-My birthday.
My 16th birthday.
-Oh, nonsense.
If it was the castle bell would be tolling to summon you
for your vampire transformation.
[bell tolling]
I can't hear anything at all, can you?
[bell tolling]
All right, so it's Ingrid's special day!
[bell tolling]
Here, have a vintage fang brush.
-What do you mean we're going home?
-It's the neighbors, Ingrid.
They're driving us out with their good turns
and nauseating favors.
-But you realize how popular I am at that school?
For the first time in my life, I actually exist.
Don't you care about my feelings at all?
-Oh, Ingrid, silly, of course I don't.
Now, pack your bags.
We're leaving at sunset.
-A lot of dad's struggle bringing up girls.
Do you think your father found your growing up
difficult to handle?
-I need a costume for the school party.
What happened to that dress thing?
I found it in Renfield's wardrobe
with all the stitching burst.
-Mmm, well, there's a simple solution to this.
You'll have to get a job.
-It'll do you good to get out of the castle,
become someone else's problem.
-Why can't Vlad get a job?
-Because he has one already, heir to my thrown.
[music playing] --bones them bones, them jaw bones.
Them bones them bones, them jaw bones--
-Ah, huh-huh-huh-hu--
-Oh, dear.
Well, that's a day's wages you owe me.
And you can forget about going to any parties until I get it.
-The day I was born, it was like a stake through his heart.
DR. SEWARD: It can't have been easy for him.
He must have made a lot of sacrifices,
bringing you up on his own.
-He loves sacrifices, never made any for me, though.
-Have you ever tried to resolve your conflict,
say by talking to him about it?
THE COUNT: Ungrateful spawn!
I'll banish you to the darkest pits of Hades!
Well, bring it on!
-You will never see the light of day again!
-I won't anyway.
I'm a vampire now.
Ingrid, remember what happened to the last daughter
who challenged me?
-I'm you're only daughter.
-You are now.
DR. SEWARD: Dealing with unreceptive parents
can be challenging.
But there must have been some happy times.
THE COUNT: [whistling] Hi, Ingrid.
-Hi, Dad.
You just said hello to me.
-Of course, my poppet.
Why wouldn't I say hello to my favorite daughter?
What's going on?
-Nothing's going on.
I just thought I'd bring a little bit of sunshine
into our lives.
-Where's Vlad?
-Oh, he's up his room watching TV.
-But you said we couldn't have a TV in our bedrooms.
-Don't remember saying that.
Don't remember much at all for that matter.
-Master, what color do you want next?
Sunflower Yellow or Daisy Delight?
Hey, Princess.
How's it hanging?
-Dad, I want you to look into my eyes, deep into my eye.
-You know, Ingrid, you really are
growing up to be a lovely young lady.
-Look, I've been reading your school report.
And I just know you could do a whole lot better.
I am here for you.
We can sit down and work this thing out.
-You want to spend time with me?
-As long as it takes.
-But you never want to spend time with me.
-That's all going to change.
Come here.
I love you, Ingrid.
-I love you too, Dad.
-Uh, Master, we've run out of Ghostly Grey.
Will Ghastly Grey do instead?
-Well, it doesn't really matter what I think.
Vlad can always hypnotize me to like it.
-I said I was sorry.
It was an accident.
-Yes, well, it's flying lessons next.
Let's see how you like it when you
accidentally fly into a tree.
-This is so unfair!
Why can't you teach me flying?
-Oh, Ingrid--
-Yes, Dad?
-Get on with it.
-His heart stopped beating a long, long time ago.
Um, I'd like to open this up a bit more.
Can we talk about your mother?
-If you want.
-She left when you were quite young.
Do you resent her for that?
-Not as much as I resent her every time she comes back.
-Hello, darlings.
-Oh, Mum, I've missed you.
I hate living with Dad.
-Don't cry.
No, really, don't.
It's Versace.
Patrick and I don't need a sickly
invalid weighing us down.
-But I'm your daughter.
-I know.
But you can't expect special favors.
We're women.
I had to lie, cheat, and thoroughly demean myself to get
the regency, and I'd expect you to do the same.
-She only turns up when she wants something.
[school bell ringing]
[eerie music]
-This room is off limits.
-I thought there might be some clues
down here that'd help find Vlad.
-You think the Count and I haven't looked?
-Are you sure you've tried everything?
Uh-- how is it you found him initially?
Have you tried connecting with him again?
-Of course I have.
He's blocking me.
-Maybe he'll have stopped now if he thinks you've given up.
Don't you owe it to him to keep trying?
You are his mentor.
Oh, wouldn't you be better off trying to contact him
in his room, with all his things around you.
-You might have a point.
After you.
By the way, if I catch you in here again, you'll be dust.
-You said you had no friends.
Was that always the way?
There was one.
[music playing]
Safe, Ingrid!
-No one is safe.
And no one makes me look-- makes me look--
-Ingrid, are you all right?
-Uh, whoa.
What just happened?
Nothing happened, all right!
WOMAN (ON PHONE): Dear, you're in love with a breather.
I am not in love with a breather!
His name was Will.
There's something you should know about me.
-I'm a vampire.
-Oh, OK.
-No, really, I am a vampire.
-Oh, I, uh-- I believe you.
-Where are you going?
-As far away from you as I can get!
-He died.
-Was it an accident?
Aim, fire.
-Eat this, slayer!
-He meant a lot to you.
When you were with Will, tell me how he made you feel.
-Hm, happy birthday.
-We were immortal.
Will was--
---your soul mate.
-As the new head of the Dracula family--
-You inherit the castle.
-And everything else.
-You are so bad.
-I know.
As close as I can get to one.
Oh, this is very good, Ingrid.
You need to use those happy memories of Will
to make yourself feel stronger.
And we need to release all that strength
and potential that Will saw in you.
Because those qualities are still there.
You've just allowed them to get buried.
Can you feel them coming back?
-I'll decide what I must do.
Because I'm in charge now.
Yes, I can.
-I think that we've made a real breakthrough.
Don't you?
-Yeah, I'm feeling so much better.
DR. SEWARD: Mmm, and you have a coping mechanism now.
You must draw on those good memories
to make you feel strong.
I want you to take a long dip in Lake You.
And I want you to give yourself permission to feel happy.
I want you to tell yourself that you're a clever girl who
can achieve whatever she wants.
Just let go of the negative.
And embrace the positive.
-You're so right.
From now on, you will call me Countess Dracula.
Watch me as I make the streets of Stokely run red with blood.
It's time I took control, made things happen.
DR. SEWARD: Well done.
INGRID: Thank you, Joan.
Thank you so much.
-It's my pleasure.
There's just one more thing before you go.
There was just some interesting phrases,
uh, that you used earlier, stake through the heart,
suck the life out of, immortal, heart stopped beating.
I wonder whether you just felt so
lonely and alienated that you constructed
a sort of a-- a vampire fantasy for yourself.
I'm really looking forward to exploring that next time.
-Next time?
-We need to schedule another appointment.
-Honestly, there's really no need.
You've been great.
When I'm Queen of Darkness, you will be spared.
[eerie music]
-What are you up to?
-Nothing, I was just looking for clues to help find Vlad.
Find anything?
-No, nothing.
How are you?
-I wasn't great.
But I'm feeling much better now.
-Uh, I don't suppose you could do me a favor
and not tell anyone I was down here?
-Of course I won't.
That would be the old, negative Ingrid.
And she wasn't working.
So I've decided to make some changes.
From now on, I'm going to be a lot stronger.
The world is going to see a whole new me.
[music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 9 "Therapy"

2356 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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