B1 Intermediate UK 1783 Folder Collection
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[music playing]
-Why has the Praedictum Impaver lit up like a Christmas tree?
I mean, what's it doing?
-The pulsing light is a signal calling out to someone.
The question is who and why?
-The clan leaders.
-The book will lead them right to us!
-Visitors, I better get this place looking good.
We need more cobwebs!
Come on.
Get spinning.
-Put away the welcome web.
This is not good news!
-Unless they think the signal means I've opened the book.
-Except you haven't.
You've got every vampire in the world
waiting to hear what's inside.
And you have not delivered!
-I'm close.
I just need more time.
-There is no more time!
They will want answers, not excuses!
No answers, and their strongest will punish us.
-Looks like someone's going to get it in the neck?
-You think this is funny?
If Vlad doesn't open the book, we will all be ash.
Now do your job.
Teach him how to open the book.
Clock's ticking.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
-I'm ready.
Open and reveal my destiny.
I command you to open!
Reveal my destiny!
-Reveal my destiny!
Very powerful, very compelling, and totally ineffective.
-Ignore her.
-You've got to dig deep into the blackest part of your soul.
-What's the point?
All right, I can't open it.
-Yes, you can.
Do you want to see your family turn to ash?
You want to hear their screams as they pay for your failure!
The book won't open because it sees the coward inside!
-I am not a coward!
-It can smell the fear on you.
The boy frightened of the monster in the cupboard,
too scared to look!
-I'll show you who's frightened.
-Let the monster out!
-Do it!
-I can't!
I won't let go!
-Then we'll all die.
I head you and Erin talking.
I know the truth.
I know your secret.
-You're a breather.
WHISPERING VOICE: I will help you.
Come to me.
-Did you hear that?
WHISPERING VOICE: I will help you.
The answer lies within.
-You must have heard it that time.
-What do you mean he knows our secret?
What exactly did he say?
-He said, I heard you and Erin talking.
I know your secret.
I know the truth.
-He knows I'm a human.
I'm out of here.
-It's dangerous out there.
-I'll take my chances.
-I don't want you to become one of us!
Sometimes it's better to hide and fight another day.
-Mr. Count?
Oh, he's only had them for three weeks.
The man's impossible!
-Master, Miss [inaudible] would like a word.
-How about massacre, or annihilation, or slaughter,
or blood bath?
-Ain't blood bath two words.
She says it's urgent.
Some people just don't know the meaning of the word.
-All this came in the post for you.
-You deal with it!
-Since when did Dad become a bat collector?
-Let me see that.
This is a rare specimen.
Smash glass!
-I am Ramanga!
-Welcome, we are honored with your presence.
[speaking foreign language]
-What is it?
-I found these in your office.
I take it you've not read them yet?
-I really need your input on the staffing levels.
-Look, I have no idea what a staffing level is--
-Staffing levels refer to the number of teachers we employ.
-Very good, carry on without me.
-It can't wait!
Time is now critical.
I have to hire new permanent staff.
And I Need you to approve the candidates.
-All right, all right.
-I am not staying down here in the cellar!
-It's only until I can work out a plan to get you safely away.
-It's creepy.
-And living with us isn't?
I'll be back soon.
I promise.
-You better be.
I'll be wrapped up with the rest of the spider food.
WHISPERING VOICE: They have what you need.
-Did you hear that?
-Is someone coming?
-No, it's like a whispering voice.
-Are you feeling all right?
-Stay put.
-You're hiding in a school for breathers?
-We're being cautious.
-The only thing breathers need to learn is how to feed us.
-We like to play with our food before we eat it.
-Where's the chosen one?
-I'll bring him before you.
-This turned out nice again.
Can I take your--
-Don't touch!
-Go and tell the Count that our honored guest has arrived.
-Look, I really don't have time for this minutia.
-The devil's in the details, Mr. Count.
-He's in a lot more than that.
-We've had a delivery, a special delivery!
You have to sign for it!
-Can nobody do anything in this place without me?
If it needs a signature, I'm sure your scrawl will suffice!
-Someone's here!
You know, the ah!
Right, we've got to go.
Urgent business to attend.
-But I really need your approval on these candidates.
-We'll do this later.
-Vlad, the clan leader's here.
Don't tell him you can't open the book.
Play for time.
-What's the point?
I'm never going to get it open.
-You can if you can get those stupid ideas out your head.
-What ideas?
-You want vampires and breathers to live together in peace.
You want the bloodshed to end forever.
-You're spying on us.
-You and Erin are vampires.
You can't change that.
-Yeah, we are vampires, vampires who
want humans to be our friends, not food.
-You want to stake your life on
-If that's what it takes.
-You tell that to Ramanga and it will be the last thing you do.
-Be with you in a minute.
Got something I need to do.
-Don't keep him waiting!
WHISPERING VOICE: I'm in the mirror room.
WHISPERING VOICE: Look for the mirror.
That's right.
I'm over here.
WHISPERING VOICE: Down here in the dark.
That's right.
Turn right.
I'm in here!
In here!
Look for the mirror.
That's right.
-Stay there.
-Has the Praedictum Impaver been opened?
-I'm really not at liberty--
-Has he opened the book?
-Well, some of the bones have opened.
-Yes, or no?
-It's a work in progress.
He can't open the book.
-Is this true?
-Well, he's been working very hard.
-You were supposed to be training him.
-But we have Bertrand as an expert!
-You failed!
We demand to know why.
-Well, I wouldn't say failed--
-Where is the chosen one?
Still he keeps me waiting.
-He said he'd just be a moment.
-Miss McCauley's here to see you.
-Not now Renfield!
Get rid of her!
I'm sure he'll be here soon.
-This is in most disrespectful.
-She's at the door!
She says it's very urgent!
-Tell her I'm-- tell her I'm indisposed!
-You're not allowed in here!
These are Mr. Count's private quarters!
-Mr. Count, a word.
A breather.
Good, I am thirsty after my long journey.
-You can't have this one.
She's mine.
Look, I'll be one moment!
Renfield, a drink for our guest.
-I urgently need your approval for the candidates
so I can start hiring.
-And as you can see, I have a visitor.
So I must insist we do this later.
-Then I'll wait here until you're finished.
-All right, all right, just let's do it quickly here.
Show me the candidates.
-The papers are in my office.
It has to be done today.
-Give me two minutes.
I'll be right there!
Where's Vlad?
-He's been chucked into the mirror.
Vlad got chucked into the mirror.
-Just go with Erin and find Vlad.
-The [inaudible].
-This is not time to get snobbish!
I've got to deal with Miss McCauley.
I need you to look after our guest while I'm gone.
-This is your mess.
I'm not helping you clean it up.
I'd be only too glad to be [inaudible].
-For once in your pathetic little life will
you toe party line and play ball!
This is your neck on the block too!
-Like I said, they just chucked him in.
I'm in here!
-I'm a dog.
-Those gargoyles won't let you anywhere near the mirror.
I'm in here!
-Yeah, they guard it.
They must have thought you were a threat.
-Maybe if we smashed it, it would release him.
-No, if we do that, the whole family will turn to dust.
-I'm in here!
Let me out!
-There's no sign of him.
Wherever he is, we can't follow.
-Don't go!
Don't go!
WHISPERING VOICE: The answer lies within.
Come to me.
Come to me.
Come to me.
The answer lies within.
I will help you.
-I approve.
-You have to take this seriously.
I need you to focus on the needs of the school for once.
Nothing is more important than the future of the school.
-You're quite right.
I'm sorry.
I'll read them properly.
-Thank you.
-This is more boring than watching blood dry.
-I can show you a real magic trick.
I can make my fangs disappear into your neck.
-He's an acquired taste.
I'd advise you not to bite him.
-You show mercy to breathers?
-You want to chew on that dirt bag, be my guest.
-What kind of vampires are you?
I came to meet the chosen one.
And what do I find, cowards hiding in an attic.
-Do I look frightened to you?
-I wonder how your clan will react when they
hear you've been beaten by a girl.
-I like you.
You go for the jugular.
-Finding a person's weak spot is my speciality.
I wonder what's yours.
Let me see if I can guess.
You reek of it.
But what is it you want so badly?
-To travel, see the world, go to exotic places,
meet interesting new people, and then bite them.
-You should come to my country.
There's plenty of snakes.
You'd be right at home.
-Maybe I could join your clan.
-What's wrong with this one?
-Tell me everything.
-Thank you for being so understanding.
I think we've chosen two excellent teaches.
-The short neck's a problem.
But I do enjoy a challenge.
Is it this way?
-It could be Vlad's true vampire side we've been waiting for.
-True enough to open the book?
-Well, let's hope so, Bertrand.
Our lives depend on it.
-I'm a dog.
-I thought I could blow him away with my nutcracker sweep.
-That's too stubborn on so many levels.
-Come on people!
We need a plan!
-I could pretend to be Vlad.
-That is the worst idea I've heard in 400 years.
-They'll [inaudible] and tear you to pieces.
-I don't want to be Vlad.
-Have you got a better plan?
-We could make a life size puppet of Vlad!
-That is the worst idea here I've heard in 600 years!
It might just work.
-Right, just say hello.
Let him pay his respects.
Then get rid of him.
-Ah, I take it back.
This is a great plan.
He's so lifelike.
-Pass me that shoe.
Thank you very much.
I feel so much better.
-You're welcome.
-If the chosen one has disappeared,
who will open the Praedictum Impaver?
-We don't need to open it.
-Our destiny is written in that book.
-Myths and legends have led us nowhere.
We can write our own destiny to once again rule the world.
-You make it sound so easy.
-It is with the right leader.
-And you think that's you?
-With Vlad gone, I am the legitimate heir to the throne.
-What makes you think vampires will be ruled by a girl?
-I'm not a girl.
I'm a dracula.
-And you think your father is going
to step aside and let this happen?
-No, he'll put up a fight.
-You can beat him?
-Together, we can beat him.
-I can beat the pair of you and take the throne for myself.
-And risk the Backlash You're smarter than that.
Better to be the power behind the throne than a pile of ash
upon it.
OK, I'll back your move.
But double cross me, and I will personally
see to your very painful abdication.
-I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
-Ah, sorry I was gone so long.
Ingrid been looking after to you all right?
-She's been most illuminating.
-Has she indeed?
Anything you'd like to discuss.
-Yes, there is one thing.
Where's the chosen one?
The choose one will see you now.
Please, follow me.
[music playing]
-It's like looking in a mirror, isn't it Vlad?
-Come through.
Come through.
It's not much, but.
-The Praedictum Impaver!
MALE VOICE: Stay where you are!
Only I may open the book!
-Forgive me.
I meant no disrespect.
The book has called me to you.
-Vlad, what's happened to your voice?
-Don't say a word.
-Why do you seek an audience with me?
-Tell us, chosen one, have you opened the Praedictum Impaver?
MALE VOICE: I have opened, yes.
-What does it say?
Show me!
-All will be revealed in time.
Now is the time.
I really think we should be leaving now.
The chosen one needs his--
-Let the chosen one speak!
MALE VOICE: Kneel before me and I will reveal our destiny!
-Speak, master, so we may know the truth.
-Stay away from me!
-You're special, Vlad!
You don't have one evil reflection.
You have 1,000!
Together, we will be the most powerful vampire ever.
MALE VOICE: Bow your heads to honor your leader.
-We are your humble servants.
-That's right.
You are the servants.
And I am the master.
From now on, it's me who gives the orders around here, sonny!
And when I speak, you will listen
or face the fury of the chosen one!
Now I will reveal the contents of the Preditable Pavlova!
-The Predicum Pavlova!
-That's not what the books called.
-The Praedicum Prova!
No, no, the Praedium Impaver, the Praedium Impova?
The Predictable Impaver!
Got it!
-You're not the chosen one!
-I told you this wouldn't work!
-Why don't we save the I told you so's for later?
-Kill the impostors!
Reveal to us our destiny!
-Tell the others our time is coming!
[music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 7 "Bad to the Bone"

1783 Folder Collection
yi published on February 4, 2015
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