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[theme music playing]
[sharp growl]
-Go on.
Run Ingrid.
The slayers.
[thunk] Ow.
Uhh, ahh.
I've got to stop doing that.
Mm. [crack]
[echoing laughter]
-I'm back. [hiss]
-Cutting it a bit close, sire?
-I lost track of time chasing a milk man.
Caught him eventually.
Helped myself to a pint.
-Good morning, your highness.
I trust the chosen one slept well.
-Give it a rest, dad.
-I don't care what you do during the day.
But at night, you should be hunting with me,
two bats out looking for blood.
-There is now way I'm ever turning into a bat.
It's disgusting.
It's not natural.
-There is no greater feeling than soaring high
above the Earth, the wind under your wings,
the moonlight on your back.
-You're a flying rodent.
What's fun about that?
-It's not about fun.
It's about training you to be grand high vampire.
Next year, when you come of age, you need to be ready.
-What's wrong?
Coffin prices gone up?
-Stokely Castle has burnt to the ground.
The Dracula residence, Stokely Castle, was burn to the ground
There are unconfirmed reports that the eldest daughter,
Ingrid, perished in the blaze.
-I'm very sorry for your loss.
-I loved her, Zoltan.
I knew I didn't always show it, but I loved her.
She was the best castle I ever owned.
-He was talking about Ingrid.
-No, I wasn't.
-I had a dream last night she was being chased by slayers.
-Yes, I've had that one before.
It looks like our dream came true.
-How can you joke about it.
-She left you for dead and me locked in a UV cage.
If the battery hadn't run out, I'd
be a pile of ashes now and so would you.
[rattling, squealing wheels]
-Good morning, gentlemen.
What can I get you for breakfast.
I have eggs, scrambled, poached, fried, boiled, bacon, sausage,
mushroom, tomato, kippers, crumpets, muffins, waffles,
pancakes, porridge, cornflakes, and toast.
-Every morning, it's the same.
-I can't undo the memory wipe.
It's so strong, it keeps rewiping his brain.
-Look at this reflection.
Does anything seem strange to you?
-It's just me.
-That a boy.
-How are you doing that?
-I have been around for 600 years.
I sleep in a coffin.
I drink blood.
And I move with unnatural speed.
Ringing any bells?
-But that's impossible.
-Not if you're (DISTORTED) a vampire.
-Aren't you bored of doing that yet?
No, I still get a kick out of it.
It's often the highlight of my day.
-I like the new Renfield.
He smells a whole lot better than the old one.
-He thinks I'm a toy.
Keeps looking for my batteries, which is most unpleasant.
-Ah, good morning gentlemen.
Ah, good morning gentlemen.
And what can I get you for breakfast?
-I have eggs, scrambled, poached, fried.
-You told us already!
-I did?
My mind's gone blank.
-We were talking about vampires.
-Vampires, sir?
There's no such thing.
-It's like living with a goldfish.
-That'll be all, Renfield.
-Very good, sir.
-Now, time for a proper breakfast.
Take your pick.
I have O-positive, B-negative, all
the blood types a growing boy needs.
[heart beat]
-No bats.
No blood.
I'm, I'm going to lead a normal life.
-We bought this school, in the middle of nowhere,
so we can hide from an army of slayers trying to kill us.
Vladimir, what is normal about that?
[heart beat]
Where is he?
Where's your brother?
-And all this time, I thought you were interested in me.
-Where is the chosen one?
-I don't know.
(LAUGHING) Like I'd tell you if I did.
-It's time to finish the job.
[distant laughter]
Are you all right?
Have you hurt yourself?
-I'm OK, Miss McCauley.
Just a bit dazed.
-Well, what happened?
-I tripped.
-Did someone push you?
It was an accident.
You can tell me the truth you know.
My door is always open.
-Get up.
We're going to Stokely to save Ingrid.
I'm not sifting through a burnt-out castle
to save Ingrid's ashes.
How do we know if we scooped her up or the front door?
-She's alive.
I saw her in a vision.
-You had a vision?
-I sort of blacked out, and I saw
Ingrid being chased by slayers.
It was like I was there.
-Right, we need to beef up your training,
see what else you can do.
-This isn't about me.
It's about Ingrid.
She needs our help.
-She turned her back on us.
She wanted to make the streets of Stokely run red with blood.
Well now they will with hers.
-We can't just stand by and do nothing.
Everyone deserves a second chance.
Mum treats you like dirt, yet you still keep taking her back.
-That's different.
-We're not lifting a fang to help Ingrid.
This conversation is over.
I don't need your help.
I'll save Ingrid on my own.
-Over my dead body.
-You're going to burn.
-Don't forget your sun cream.
-[growl] [hiss]
-If you want to live, get in.
-Get the van.
-You can relax.
I'm one of you.
We need to stick together if we want
to say ahead of the slayers.
-How come you're not burning up?
-Heh, UV filter.
You're safe in here.
What happened to your face?
-I bit a teenager and caught something off him.
Where are you heading?
-As far from the slayers as I can get.
You can chill.
We've lost them.
-If I leave now, I'll just catch the 12:26.
-This is not a good idea.
-Ingrid's alive.
I'm going to save her.
-If you leave now, you'll burn to a crisp.
You must wait until nightfall.
-There's no time.
-Running away isn't the answer, Vlad.
-I wasn't running away.
I was just.
-You don't have to lie to me.
I'm on your side.
Come on, in we go.
-Ah uhn.
-You said we'd lost them.
The found us.
I don't know how, but they found us.
- I think we can lose them.
Do you think we can lose them?
-Me neither.
YOUNG SLAYER: Who's driving then?
-If we're tracking them, why are we getting so close?
-I've explained this plan 1,000 times.
-Believe it will work?
-Don't say a word.
-You were very brave.
-Oh, thanks.
-Brave and stupid.
-And there it is.
-You are giving up?
There is one way you can get to her.
-It's small and black and rhymes with hat.
I'm not turning into a bat.
-You have to.
-No way.
-It's easy.
-Never going to happen.
[engine stalling]
-No, don't do this to us.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on.
Do you think they saw us turn off?
They saw us.
[whine of ignition failure]
Lock the doors.
Lock the doors!
[popping, air hissing]
-Start, you useless pile of. [engine catching]
-I promise I will never say the B word again.
-I saw the road.
I can find her.
-We're not going to get very far in this.
You've got any family around here that could hide us?
-I burned all my bridges a long time ago.
I've got nowhere to go.
I'm starving.
-On the menu this evening, we have four starters,
partridge ravioli with a Gillot and black truffle sauce,
followed by Welsh beef, wilted spinach, and potato rosti,
with a homemade horseradish sauce.
And for dessert.
-I'll eat out.
-Very good, sir.
If it's convenient, Miss McCauley
would like to see you in her office.
Perhaps I'll eat in after all.
-Would sir like?
-Keep heading on their last bearing
and see if we can reacquire the signal.
-I told you this plan wouldn't work.
-It's sunset.
Stay alert, Forstyles.
-Thank you for coming, Mr. Count.
I want to talk to you about Vlad.
-That's a delightful looking necklace
you're wearing Miss McCauley.
-Oh, thank you.
-May I?
-It's perfect, the line, the shape,
the quintessence of all that is good in this world.
-I'm worried about Vlad.
-I think we may have a case of bullying.
-Well, you know how it is, boys will be boys.
What did he do, take someone's lunch money?
Vlad isn't the bully.
-Has he been protecting someone from the bully?
-I think Vlad is the one being bullied.
Perhaps they're teasing him for being the owner's son.
-You mean he's the, the victim?
-Vlad is passive.
So I know he'll just ignore it.
-He could have this lot for breakfast.
What is [thump of fist on table] wrong with the boy?
-Can you talk to him?
-Oh, don't you worry.
I'll get him to pour his heart out to me.
I can do this.
-So stop talking and start flapping.
-Good evening.
On the menu this evening, we have.
-Whatever you do, don't stop flapping.
Did you see that?
Vlad turned into a bat.
--[sniffing] Mm, don't mind if I do.
[gasping, retching]
-You OK?
-What doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
-I hope so, or I'll be push starting this by my self.
-What happened?
-Where's Vladi?
Eh, sorry sir, my, my mind's gone blank.
-You saw a vampire.
-Vampire, sir?
Vampires don't exist.
-Give it a rest!
-He saw Vlad turn into a bat.
-Vlad turned into a bat?
-Vlad didn't really turn into a bat.
And that's just a toy.
-My son turned into a bat.
-He flew right out that window.
-And they're just preprogrammed phrases.
-Renfield, the Welsh beef was delicious.
-OK, that's weird.
-Good hunting, Vlad.
Bring back something for me.
-He's bringing back Ingrid.
YOUNG SLAYER: Yeah, they're long gone.
You've blown it.
-This is Fangfinder seven calling SHQ, over.
SHQ SLAYER (ON CB): This is SHQ, what
is your status Fangfinder seven?
-The target has gone dark.
Returning to base, over and out.
Target acquired.
At 290, let's move in.
-Fingers crossed.
[whine of ignition failure]
-Who sold you this heap of junk?
-My brother.
[engine catching]
-Talking of brothers, that's mine.
You got old.
-You got sick.
-I can look after myself.
-Oh yeah?
So why'd you leave Stokely?
-I got bored.
-You got burned.
-So that's what this is.
You're here to gloat.
-I'm here to take you home.
--[laughs] I think it's a bit late to playing happy families,
don't you?
-We can protect you from the slayers.
-I can handle them.
And I'm not afraid to use them on anyone.
-(DISTORTED) You'll lose.
-Now you're just showing off.
-Come home, Ingrid.
We've missed you.
-Deep down, he loves you.
-No, he doesn't.
Never has and never will.
-Give him another chance.
He'll prove you wrong.
-Bye Vlad.
Stay out of trouble.
I guess that's what you're best at.
-The tracking beacon is 500 meters up ahead.
Let's hope her brother takes the bait.
-Slayers are coming.
-You're paranoid.
We lost them.
-They put a tracking device on you.
INGRID: How did that get there?
-Where is he?
Where's your brother?
-They're looking for me.
They must have known I'd try to find you.
-I'm the bait?
Well, don't I fell special.
-You are special.
You're my sister.
ERIN: Let me help.
-I got her.
Open the door.
[moaning, gasping]
-Take her to Garside Grange school.
I'll meet you there.
-You're not coming with us?
-I'm going to throw them off the scent.
-Contact imminent.
What the?
[brake squeal]
It's him.
Oh, he's toying with us.
-He's on the roof.
-Watch the perimeter.
[groaning metal]
-(DISTORTED) Leave my family alone!
[roaring hiss]
SHQ SLAYER (ON CB): Fangfinder seven, this is SHQ.
Have you completed your mission, over?
-We're going to need a bigger van.
-Well, well, well.
Look what the bat dragged in.
I told you not to bring her here.
-Nice to see you, too, dad.
-Leave her alone.
She's sick.
-Then I'll put her out of her misery.
-You lay a fang on her.
-(DISTORTED) Silence!
-You can't tell me what to do anymore.
-You think you can defy me?
I am your father.
Don't ever forget that.
-Then what are you waiting for?
Bite me.
I'm sorry, OK.
I had to save her.
She's family.
-She's trouble.
-She's not deaf you know.
I didn't want to come here.
-So that makes two of us.
Which reminds me, how is my castle?
-I told you this was a bad idea.
-You're staying, at least until you get better, right dad?
Right, let's leave the two of them to catch up.
-I should be going.
-Stay for the day.
Get some rest.
I'll get you a coffin.
-Good evening, sir.
-Are you OK, Renfield?
-I, uh.
Sorry, sir, my mind's gone blank.
-Uh, not to worry.
This is Erin.
She needs a coffin to sleep in.
Could you bring one up from the basement?
Very good, sir.
Will your guest be comfortable sleeping in a coffin, sir?
-Ah, it's OK, Renfield.
She's eccentric, like the rest of us.
Understood, sir.
Will there be anything else, sir?
VLAD: I've got some maths homework due in tomorrow.
Could you do that for me?
RENFIELD: Certainly, sir.
-He doesn't know you're vampires?
-It's a long story.
-Pretty cool having someone to do all your homework for you.
-Ahah, yeah.
I'd appreciate it if we could keep that between ourselves.
-Don't worry, I can keep a secret.
[theme music playing]
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Young Dracula - BBC Series - Season 3 Ep 1 "Hide and Seek"

2429 Folder Collection
yi published on February 3, 2015
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